Let’s address the elephant in the room: business lost its ethics and remote working hasn’t helped!

Something happened to me this week that never occurred to me in my 17 years of professional experience.

The prospect who invited me to a video call hung up on me!


I couldn’t believe it myself. But it was true. I entered the Zoom meeting, and looking at her facial expression, I must have been the 100th person she was interviewing for this consulting job. While I answered to questions, the call got disconnected.

First, I thought: the connection failed, so I dialed…

Build real brands. Come out stronger. And be ready for the next big thing.

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The Premise.

Take it from a black sheep: the usual way is rarely the best way.

My name is Julius Geis. I’ve always seen things from the outside. But the beauty of standing apart from the herd is that you see things from a different perspective. Once I began to understand the power of this viewpoint, I started to put it to use.

You’ve heard my story before. A rising talent in the advertising world has it all: acclaim, clients, money. But something’s missing.

At 27, I knew I needed…

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There exists an astounding similarity between established political parties and the sports and outdoor industry. It seems as if neither understands certain developments in our societies, resulting in actions (and inaction) that gradually push them towards irrelevance. At this point, we feel, a solution may only be possible if we admit to some hard truths.

Header — The Truth about Outdoor Sports

Young people are interested in more than short-lived trends — digital or otherwise

Just weeks after the recent European Parliament elections it became obvious that something akin to awakening is taking place in our societies. People of all ages, but especially very young people, took to the streets and stood up against…

This is the third time recently that someone has called out a grammatical mistake of mine. The first person criticized my company’s branding, the second person a spelling error in a job description, and the third person commented on a voice message I left telling someone on the phone that I’d be five minutes late. Really?

I’m from Swabia, South Germany. We’re known for our dialect. Heck, there is even a commercial about our area (Baden-Württemberg) that claims “Wir können alles. Außer Hochdeutsch”. In English, this means “we can do everything but speak the German language properly”. Baden-Württemberg is the…

These days, many companies tout their customer service as nothing but excellent.

But when you have to make use of their return policy, you soon find out if they meet you at eye level — or if they see your query as a nuisance that shrinks their profit margin.

Here’s what a friend of mine in Germany experienced recently:

After an exhausting, long construction phase, his family home was finally built. All he needed now, for long movie nights at home, was a new LED TV and a matching sound system.

So, off he went and bought both in-store.

However, his happiness with the brand-new TV was short-lived.

After he…

Tthriftiness is deeply entrenched in the German culture.

Privately (and on state level, too), many people keep a nest egg in the bank or at home — you just never know when your washing machine has done its final load or if your car lets you down on your way to Tuscany.

This German habit of saving money is often criticized internationally with regard to the world economy, and it has birthed the exhibition Saving — History of a Germany Virtue at the German Historical Museum in Berlin.

But even though Germans like to keep their money close, there is…

It doesn’t come as a surprise that the retail sector is still suffering from sales losses due to online giants such as Amazon.

In the US alone, Amazon recorded more than 94.7 billion online sales — that is 70% of its total revenue, according to eMarketer. Chris Anderson explains in his book The Long Tail what those figures mean for the retail sector:

It is about time for retail to move away from the classic model of selling only a small number of products and moving toward a system of billions of niche products.

Anderson describes the future of retail as “selling less of more.”

Just 10 years ago, shelf space

“When the number of STEM professionals (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) grows, then the innovation strength of the heavily export-oriented German economy will increase, too.”

That is the core statement of the report “STEM and the Business Model Germany,” published by the German Economic Institute.

Sounds logical, doesn’t it:

If the most qualified professionals work at your company, progress and innovation will flourish and keep you one step ahead of the competition.

The reality, however, looks different.

In April this year, for example, the German newspaper Die Welt reported that “according to the industry body ZVEI, the electronics industry is currently short by up to 50,000…

Businesses and brands don’t tire of touting their sustainability projects when they want to shine a light on their resource-efficient, future-oriented, and socially responsible companies.

Often, they feature in industry magazines which describe in impressive detail why company X won sustainability award Y or certificate Z. Those articles tend to be accompanied by impressive photographs of those glamorous award nights.

But what does sustainability look like after the cameras have disappeared and the first wave of enthusiasm about this new, “green” initiative has subsided?

How long can the sustainability champion use the momentum to push and implement further changes in…

Sports and technology have long fused and become one.

Just remember the Sydney Olympic Games in 2000

The introduction of high-tech swimsuits caused much uproar because they enhanced the athletes’ performance disproportionately.

Until 2009, 43 new world records were set which, in all probability, wouldn’t have been possible without the high-tech gear — and that eventually resulted in the ban of those full-body swimsuits. The tragedy for all following athletes: Despite the ban, the new world records remained in place.

But even looking to the other side of professional sports — the fans — it is undeniable that technology is now inseparably interwoven with the sports and accessories…

Julius Geis

I’m curious about humans and brands and how to navigate people and businesses to their fulfillment.

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