A true UX tool

A call for a tool that goes beyond prototyping

I draw squares for a living

What we do

  • Create a customer journey in collaboration with experts on dog food.
  • Brief an external developer on the first draft of the search functionality. Because it seems costly to develop in the CMS, we discuss acceptable alternatives to go over with the client next week.
  • Create two simple clickable prototypes of the main menu.
  • Incorporate new visual designs of a service component in the specifications. I highlight the changes in relation to the earlier wireframes.
  • After learning the client wants ‘badging’ but no gamification, I make a small presentation on what gamification is, its potential value to the project, and how badging can be seen as a subset of gamification.

User experience

The tools we use

The promise: prototyping

Focus: the page

The Axure interface invites you to add interactive widgets to a page. InVision invites you to connect pages to form a clickable prototype.
  • Wireframes of pages
  • Flowcharts that connect pages
  • Prototypes that make these pages clickable

The non-prototyping work we do

Requirements for a true UX tool

Suggested features

If this would be the norm, not using persona’s would be a deliberate choice.
Mike is wondering what step 4 will be.
It should output posters that look great on the wall of your studio.
Let’s make a clean separation between design and communicating about your design.
To put it nerdly; I want user friendly Git branches.
A strategic persona view would help communicate an opportunity.
Providing the context of the customer journey as part of the documentation, the developer can better understand the importance and reasoning behind a certain feature.
A view for copywriters

The next step

Update November 2022 —My new low fidelity UX app



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