How to Write a Blog That Could Land You a JOB

“92% of Recruiters Use Social Media to Find High-Quality Candidates,” (Social Times). We know recruiters are actively looking for qualified candidates online; but are you visible? Linkedin Blogging has the power to attract recruiter attention by establishing your industry knowledge, increasing profile views and building your connections. I’ve condensed blogging on Linkedin into five simple steps you can use to write a great article even if you’re not a great writer. Here’s a simple guide I’ve used to garner over 10,000 article reads, multiple interview requests, increased connections and profile views in under 3 weeks.

What should you write about?

Write about a topic in your industry or the industry you’d like to enter. Be sure to have a specific reader in mind when you write (most of my articles are geared towards Millennial Job Seekers) so that you’re article addresses their unique problems in a unique way.

1. Writing a Compelling Title

  • A compelling title needs to be relevant to your target reader and very ‘results,’ oriented i.e. what will the reader be able to do or achieve by reading your article? (Get You Hired Faster.)
  • It should also include a Time Investment Element that hints at how long it will take to digest your article (5 Resume Hacks.)
  • Lastly, be sure to have a Unique Element that either takes a position your audience wouldn’t expect or is something they don’t often associate with your topic (Hacks.)

Title Example: 5 Resume Hacks to Get You Hired Faster

2. Writing an Engaging Intro Paragraph

  • Use statistics or a quote to state the industry problem your blog is addressing in such a way that gets an emotional reaction from your target reader.
  • Next state the cause(s) of the problem and your unique solution.
  • The last line should be the R.O.T. (Result. Obstacle. Timeframe). Call out the Result the reader will achieve after reading your article, the Obstacle they’ll overcome and the Timeframe they’ll be able to do it in.

Example: 5 Resume Hacks to Get You Hired Faster

3. Writing High-Value Body Paragraphs

  • For your article headers use either an Instructional Header (Make Your Letter Easily Skimmable) to walk your reader through steps in a process. Or an Organizing Header (The Core Responsibilities Hack) which will help separate related but distinct processes.
  • Write just a few sentences to elaborate on the process that follows your header.
  • Supporting Step 1: This is the information that will help the reader accomplish the headline. Add new supporting steps as needed.
  • Supporting Image or Supporting Quote: Add a quote or an image within your blog to elaborate on your point and keep readers engaged by breaking up all the text.


4. Not Writing Concluding Paragraphs & Writing Author Intros

  • Today’s readers have very short attention spans so everything that isn’t essential must go, I consider Concluding Paragraphs non-essential so I don’t write them.
  • An Author Intro, is a quick snapshot that presents your industry to the reader and a desired action you’d like them to take. Use Author Intros to subtly guide a recruiter/reader to your online portfolio or to reaching out to you about job opportunities.


Jane Doe is a Digital Media Producer specializing in creating and promoting engaging video content. For samples of her work please check out her website at

5. Painlessly Promoting Your Article

  • Join groups on Linkedin, Facebook and your other social media accounts where your target reader hangs out. Be very intentional about joining relevant groups. I only share my article in groups whose members will find it extremely valuable, then I don’t really have to promote because people will share it themselves.
  • Ask friends and family to like and share your article on their social media accounts. It’s always a great idea to cultivate Social Proof, by introducing your article to readers through other people.
  • When promoting your article be sure not to come across as pushy or like you’re selling something (people hate that and don’t respond well to it.) Instead work to sound like a human and focus on what the reader ‘gets.’

Example: 13 Cover Letter Hacks to get You Interviewed Faster

Things You’ll Want to Know:

  • Most readers don’t actually ‘read,’ these days they skim, so be sure to bold the most important sentences and use short paragraphs with space between them.
  • Keywords: Choose 1–3 phrases that describe what your article is about and use them throughout your article to help readers find it through Linkedin’s search feature.
  • Feature Image: Use a really professional and interesting image for your blog’s thumbnail . I use to purchase all my images, they have phenomenal quality and are inexpensive (I am not being endorsed by
  • Linking: Use hyperlinks in your article when you’re quoting someone or when you want to lead the reader to something of value (like your website or another one of your articles.)
  • Write regularly and promote your articles regularly; if you don’t have the time consider hiring a college student to write blogs for you!
  • To access the Linkedin Blog Writing feature; go to your profile and click +Write a New Post, you’ll be taken to an empty document page. Click the image icon to add your feature image and get writing!


Julius Q. Holmes IV is a Technical Writer and Millennial Career Development Expert. Please feel free to contact him with questions; he is available to host Career Advancement Seminars.