Lunch Box Dragon

The top of the metal lunch box was hot to the touch and I shook my head as I lifted the latch and peered inside. Smoke drifted from the open box and swirled about me as big blue eyes stared up at me from a lizard like creature. I had almost mistaken him for a lizard when I first saw him but it was the smoke drifting from his nostrils that made me realize this was a tiny dragon.

Holy smokes that little guy can sure put out a lot of smoke. I’m going to have to figure something out or he’s going to set off the smoke detector in my room. His big blue eyes look at me with an inquisitive look and for some reason I’m not scared of this little creature that could light up like a match at any second. I reach my hand into the lunch box and my little dragon nuzzles my finger while blowing smoke rings. “How about I name you Smokey?” I ask quietly.

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