Write the Hard Story

I was minding my business when she whispered in my ear, “I hear Him say, right the hard story.”

I broke.

I have been sitting on the idea of writing a book for eight years. I recall saying as a little girl that I would write tons of books; I would be a writer. (I believe that there are people who write books and then there are people who are writers, more on that another day.) I considered myself a writer and always used that terminology.

In September, I chose to being to fully live and understand that there is a fullness we can tap into. We can chose to be fully present in life and not miss a beat of what Heaven is doing on Earth. As I began to walk out a life surrendered to Resurrection Power, many doors started opening and people came around to support me accomplish things that I place on a shelf. One of those things, was writing a book, not just any book but THE BOOK.

I found old journals that had title ideas, a table of contents and even a dedication page that I had started years prior. Here began the journey of writing my story.

Well I have written several entries, the birth of what later will become full fleshed chapters. I have gotten tons of breakthrough, embraced pain and found healing. Slowly, the momentum stopped and I have been lost in the wilderness of “trying to find motivation,” when all of a sudden she whispered, “write the hard story.”

I, then realized, I have not been in search of motivation but I have been lost dancing around the reason why I dreamed of writing the book in the first place. I have been avoiding telling the real hard story. The story that I am in the middle of figuring out, the one that will allow everyone who has ever encountered me actually understand why I am who I am. The story that I have never attempted to put words to because it has kept me silent for years.

Today, I recognize that I am a writer.

I have a story to tell.

The story brings me fear.

I run after fear.

I saw this Giving Key and felt anxiety. I realized that this key gave me language for my current season in life. Here I am, letting go.
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