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White Rabbit
Aug 2, 2018 · 3 min read

Dear Responsible Rebels,

We know, we know. Its been a while since you heard from us last. Believe me, we've heard it from partners, from our advisors and from ourselves. We owe you an update.

Two days before the token sale was supposed to finish, we finally after much delay received approval from the Liechtenstein FMA as a utility token. Since there was obviously little reason to resume our sale immediately after such lengthy delay, we decided to head out into the world on a road show. Our aim is more partnerships, more content and most importantly to ensure development continues unabated towards our release goal. We therefore engaged in a new financing round.

Our road show was mostly meeting the film industry and included stops in Paris, Los Angeles, New York, the Karlovy Vary film festival and London. We met with friends, colleagues and new acquaintances. All but one of our 40–50 meetings met with positive response. As a result, several negotiations are underway for both content and strategic investors in White Rabbit. Everyone in the industry knows a change is needed, knows that fans deserve better and knows that we need an alternative or compliment to the current streaming hegemony.

Alot of very interesting meetings in LA, with the shakers and makers.

Our first announcement will be two new streaming partnerships for our Partner Streaming Site program and a new advisor who has both a fantastic media player company and completed their successful ICO last fall. One of the streaming platforms has over 5 million active users while the other taps into probably the most dedicated fan base in the world. Any guesses what fan base that might be?

Getting ready for red carpet ceremony after a day of meetings with European distributors.

Our schedule is as follows: closing our financing round in the next few weeks. Announcing content deals during the next markets in Toronto and AFM (Los Angeles). Partnerships will be announced in between and after. Finally, our token sale will reboot in conjunction with an alpha/beta version of White Rabbit. Try it before you buy it as the slogan goes…

With two unregulated markets (token sales + peer-to-peer) in this most ambitious project, there was always going to be a need to adapt as circumstances dictate. That is why our focus remains on ensuring continuation in development and product delivery, which this financing round will go along way in doing. If you are curious about token sale dates, make sure you follow our product news too, as they are closely tied.

If you want to sign up for alpha testing of White Rabbit, email alpha@whiterabbit.one

If you want to sign up for the token sales, email tokens@whiterabbit.one

If you are interested in equity and token in our seed financing round, email responsiblerebel@whiterabbit.one

In the meantime, remember to be #responsiblerebels!

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