A Pause in the White Rabbit Token Sale and Cannes Film Festival Update.

Dear Responsible Rebels,

As you may be aware, our token sale is being conducted in Liechtenstein which has favorable legislation for token sales and a belief in blockchain. We were notified today by the Liechtenstein FMA that they have not as of yet completed their review of our utility token, so we have been recommended to pause the token sale. We have received a legal opinion from two reputable law firms that WRT is indeed a utility token, so we look forward to receiving the FMA statement. We absolutely respect and will comply with the FMA´s wish, and herewith pause the token sale. Everybody who has contributed will be refunded.

We will use this time to continue making more deals for content, partnerships and streaming sites. As we began to sense in Berlin in February, the film industry is very ready for change and White Rabbit´s solution. The reception we have experienced during meetings, presentations and on panels in Cannes has been staggering. The film industry loves what White Rabbit is trying to accomplish. They are ready for Blockchain. They are ready to join responsible rebels.

Many of our conversations from Berlin have continued in Cannes and now take shape in the form of content deals and investments. You may have read a few days ago about our agreement a with Yeah1CMG, part of the Yeah1 Network, Asia´s largest MCN and #7 in the world. In addition to our Yeah1 and K5 deal, we will shortly announce an agreement with one of Europe´s foremost producers and distributors of animation and animé films. These deals include Partner Streaming Sites, so the ball is truly rolling for White Rabbit.

These deals and others soon to be announced will be hugely important in ensuring our product to market. More content, more partners, and the more spreading the word — the more White Rabbit plug-ins get installed.

We look forward to announcing more deals in the coming weeks, releasing our prototype and continuing to spread the word about White Rabbit.

In the meantime, keep being #responsiblerebels !

Alan R. Milligan

CEO & Founder

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