A Rabbit´s Reflection on the Cannes film festival 2018

White Rabbit
May 24, 2018 · 2 min read

This year´s Cannes was a time to say again, loud and clear, that women are underrepresented among the films and filmmakers. A mere 82 female director´s have been nominated at Cannes in its 71 year history, compared to 1,688 men. Again, Cannes failed to deliver with only 3 films directed by women. Therefore, 82 of the film industry´s most prominent women, led by Cate Blanchett, rightfully delivered the message loud and clear. It´s a time for a change.

Change was happening elsewhere too, in the less glamorous basement of the Palais des Festivals; quite literally right under the red carpet. White Rabbit delivered three presentations during Cannes, and sat in one panel. We also had countless meetings during these ten days. If Berlin was great, the reception in Cannes was overwhelming. It is without a doubt an industry absolutely ready to challenge the status quo of the streaming industry, feeling neglected and want to offer more freedom for fans and diversity in content. We signed deals for during the week that will be announced with other deal that we are now following up in the month of June. We have new partners, more content and more streaming sites to be offered to our fans. Get ready for some big news.

The famous Cannes La Croisette was itself rather empty. Most certainly due to the bipolar weather that as often does, celebrates the return of the festival each year. There was also more: a lack of star power reduced the attraction of the masses and of course the lack of revenue from digital streaming. My colleagues are worried: will we be able to afford being producers next year? With White Rabbit, they were again hopeful. So as much as I did not miss the masses at this years festival, I would certainly like to contribute to ensuring my brilliant colleagues will in Cannes next year as well, with revenue delivered by White Rabbit.

Our next stops are Milan, Paris, Vancouver, Silicon Valley, Los Angeles, New York and London. I look forward to telling you more.

In the meantime, keep being #responsiblerebels

White Rabbit

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