Technical Sneak peek of the White Rabbit plugin!

It is with great pleasure that we present our technical sneak peek of our work. We are working full speed on the development of the White Rabbit ecosystem. Our development journey started off with the blockchain. This is the essential ingredient in ensuring the film fans contribute to the filmmaker continuing making films. What we call “everyone is happy”. The blockchain empowered our ability to challenge and change how transactions and interactions work in the film industry.

The blockchain was not enough though, to truly disrupt the industry. We need to shape the inner technical workings to reflect our responsible rebel attitude. We need to maintain and guard the users integrity in case the rights holder did not want to accept the users offer of a token. At the same time we needed to empower the user — the fans as we say. So how do we design a system that both the fan and the content rights holder will accept? It´s a matter of power balance, payment, integrity, transparency and personal safe guard. White Rabbit is all about fair and transparent, the latter is luckily an integral part of the blockchain while being fair means rewards as well as privacy.

The UI has not received as much attention as we would have liked, functionality is our first priority, which if designed correctly, lays a sound foundation for UI. UI is a shell on top of the ecosystem, but we all know that the shell must entice, in its simplicity and aesthetics. We would like to have waited to show you this early prototype, but transparency trumps perfection at this point.

Our prototype is a sneak peak of the plugin interacting with the blockchain. We have a demo streaming site with K5 International films, although we use a trailer for demo purposes. Please remember, White Rabbit is not a streaming site!

All users create a partner smart contract when signing up. You do this only once if you are a viewing fan, you might change it to include a rightsholder if you are also in the film business. Our signup is rudimentary, but functional. Don´t worry, post-ICO UI will be at the front of our mind and work. However, right now the blockchain functionality and encrypted distribution pool gives developers insight into our cracking the technical challenges.


Notice that we fund the account with ETH to obtain WRT. This is not how it will work when deployed on the Ethereum network — you can use other means, including traditional payment.

The film pauses indicating that the plugin controls the behavior of the website. This is a demo but WR will not have access to control the player buttons on any streaming service. Our recognition technology will allow for automatic transactions, as an option.

Notice that the token is transferred into the distribution pool. If the rights holder has already entered into the smart contract the token goes directly to the rights holder from the pool. If there is no contract yet then the token is put to rest in the distribution pool awaiting the rights holders response. The Rights holders that sign up with White Rabbit will have their own UI to administer and receive data on their content on the blockchain.

We hope you liked the first sneak peek of The White Rabbit ecosystem! The demo plugin will be released on the Rinkeby test net. Early backers will be invited to try it out. Stay tuned for updates on this and do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!

PS. White Rabbit is also in Cannes at the international film festival and like always, Cannes is busy! Presentations have been held, and deals have been made. The industry loves White Rabbit and we will announce more news shortly.

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