My 2016 resolution

I have done my review for 2015 and here are my 3 resolutions for 2016.

  1. Put in 100% effort in everything I do

I have always been a lazy ass - doing the bare minimum needed of me. In 2016 I have promised myself to work hard in everything I do, be it big or small. I shall take initiative in things that I never thought I would. I know it would be hard to change my character of 21 years but slowly but surely I am positive I can become a hardworking chap by 2017.

As a part of putting in effort I will make it a point to come out with monthly plans for myself and review them thoroughly. I will make each and every day meaningful.

2. Better my relationships with my family, girlfriend and friends.

As I grow older, I start to cherish people around me more. I would really want to have a better relationship with my family, mainly my grandmother and parents whom I feel that I have not been appreciative enough.

I want to make my girlfriend the happiest person knowing that she has given me so much.

I will try to create more memories and better the friendship of my current friends. In addition, I hope to make more new friends and be more sociable and take more initiative in outings and also be more proactive and fun.

3. Be happy and optimistic

This might seem like a simple resolution for many people but I have always been a pessimist throughout my life. I tend to complain a lot. I hope to see the good sides of people and bad occasions. I just want to learn to be happy even though life can be mundane sometimes. To achieve this, I must appreciate the small things and make everyday count.

These are my new year resolution and this is my first time actually putting in the time to think of them and actually writing them down. I will look back on 31st December 2016 and noticed how much of a better and happier person I have become.