Answers & Questions

Why is it so easy to want what everyone else wants?

Why don’t you believe in yourself?

Why do you allow others to make you feel bad for not having as much money as them?

What’s stopping you from leaving the job that’s sucking the life out of your soul?

Why do you yearn so strongly to be like everyone else even though everyone else doesn’t know who they are are; much less who they want to be?

Write down everything you did yesterday. Now write down a summary of activities you’re involved in on a daily basis. Is that the best possible use of your time, energy & talents?

Were you created to do what you currently do everyday?

You have a mind that’s capable of generating hundreds of millions of thoughts & ideas. You’re capable of discovering & devising ways to improve your life. You can feel more emotions than you can list. You can empathise with people you’ve never met. Are you using the gifts you’re privileged to enjoy?

Is everything you think you know about life, true?

When will you truly tell the people around you how you feel?

Why do you shy away from whatever will bring you the progress you want?

Why do you look for noise to drown-out the voice of you asking yourself when you’re going to be truly happy?

Are you scared of saying you’re scared?

Does everyone have a pain deep-down within their souls?

Why do you believe that pain must be hidden? Because nobody cares? Or because you’ve learnt that pain must never be fully experienced?

Why do you think of the “one day” when you will be happy, then shrug your shoulders, take a deep breath and remind yourself to get back to “reality”?

Why do you stop fighting for your right to be happy?

What wisdom lies hidden in the most painful, soul-crushing moments of your past? What lessons — cloaked in grief, hardship and seemingly unbearable inner-torment — were you meant to learn?

We could debate the responses to these questions ad infinitum and no one person would be able to say with certainty which responses are right and which ones aren’t. And it doesn’t matter. What matters most is that you find your answers.

We always use the phrase “Questions & Answers”. As if to say, questions will always appear before answers. We all know that logically, a question must first exist for an answer to exist. Sometimes though, the answers we’re looking for will teach us the questions we’re meant to be asking.

In my lifetime, I’ve met lots of people and heard lots of things. Some true, and others, not so much.

Maybe what I’ve been told about questions is true. Maybe the hardest questions to answer are the ones we never ask ourselves.

Junaid Kajee

Fri 05 Aug ‘16