On Success
Joanna Horton

I think I understand you. Success? So many of us are trapped in that illusion that our societies seem to tell us what is appropriate and what is inappropriate. One day you wake up and believe all that shit is true and you ought to follow that. It is a sort of social schema: a passage of rite. You pass certain things at certain age.

If something strikes you to do something, you are lucky. We talk about well-being and nature but our societies that are tied to career don’t easily allow us to waste time on such things too much.

Making decision should not be so harsh. You should be able to cease and turn back if you don’t feel right about something.

We always make mistakes. Having enough time to think about what makes you happy and comfortable is the foremost important but people have made it sound so cliché today. Who is to decide what success is? No one. Even yourself. We just keep experimenting in life to see what something would be like compared to other and we always should turn back if we don’t feel right. Success doesn’t last as nothing does. It keeps changing its shape and context. It is us who decide what to fill the empty gap.

These can be just words to some people but if you believe it truly you take an action and you’ll see.

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