5 Tips That You Need to Know Before Starting Your Registry

Once you get engaged and set a date, your friends will want to celebrate you with engagement parties and bridal showers and those who attend won’t do so empty-handed. As your loved ones look to shop for gifts they’ll immediately turn to your registry (which you can list on your wedding website) — so it’s best to get yours together sooner rather than later.

The idea of starting that process can sound overwhelming. Step back and look at registering as a wedding planning activity that can bond you as a couple. The idea of coming together to pick the items that will decorate and adorn your next chapter together will start to become more fun than stressful.

Regardless of whether you are updating the home you already have together, moving into a new space or planning to cohabitate for the very first time these five tips will help sort out the initial confusion that can arise when you start to build your wedding registry from scratch.


You should only register for items that you love and feel passionately about. Because you should only surround yourself with special items that reflect your style and bring you joy, especially the items from your wedding registry.


Couples tend to entertain at home much more as they get their lifestyle changes. Imagine hosting your friends. What drinks or wine you will be serving? What glasses and stemware will you want to use? Even for casual gatherings, you’ll need important serving pieces — trays, small trays and bowls. Imagine all the items you need so you can feel proud to use and share when you entertain. Get items that are quality and will last.


Register for items that will stand the test of time in style — worthy enough to pass onto your future children and to theirs. This may mean combining a registry of many items into a smaller list of fewer at a higher price point. So make sure you register at a place that will hold all your items. After your wedding, you can make an assessment and decide what you want to keep, and what you want to trade in to get the meaningful items (and usually higher priced items) to bring to you home and life together. Great products will endure and live with you over time (long after the blender you registered for has died).


Monogrammed items will always be a great reminder of when you began your life together. It is also a way to reflect who you are as a couple. Customizing a silver picture frame, tray or a small hand etched motif on each piece of your silverware for a registry is a favorite of mine.


You are making important decisions that will impact your new future life together. Use this opportunity wisely. Have an expert designer that can help you. There are places that offer this free of charge. The designer should understand your taste, lifestyle and preference and curate collection of all your needs for dining and entertaining. Like a great wardrobe, but this will be for your home, it should have all the key essentials, unique pieces, mix premium brands with affordable ones, and create your signature style, while keeping it timeless.