IMAGE: Monica Dimperio

How To Throw The Perfect Brunch

Real Simple popped by this week to discuss how to host an easy, elegant spring brunch! I pulled out a few of my favorite home entertaining products for the demonstration — your registry is the perfect time to acquire these “essentials” that you’ll need down the line.

If you don’t have time to watch the video, here are 3 simple tips to get you started on hosting an easy and fabulous brunch

1)For your menu, try something savory, sweet along with special beverages. Keep it easy and simple, but make sure you’ve also considered your guests with allergies.

2) Make the Brunch “Self-Serve” so you can focus on spending time with your guests. Create one dedicated area for all the beverages and one for food and dishes to be displayed. Finally, bring out the small plates, forks, napkins and place them all together on a tray. (make sure you have a great tray stand to put it on!)

Key Serving Pieces

· Large bowls and platters — my favorites are long oblong shaped

· Display food at different heights — cake stands or elevate your plates with items from your cabinets.

· You’ll need small bowls, for jams, cream cheese, other spreads et al.

· You can use small jugs, gravy boat, teapots for syrup or dressing

Lay it all out and note what dish you’ll be serving on post-its. This is how I always organize and make sure I have enough space for everything. I always do a run through of how a guest will be experiencing it.

3) On the day of your event, you just need to bring out the food and beverages. Play some great background music and you can enjoy your Brunch with your guests, as you’ve made it all self- serve!