Wedding Design Tip | Elevate Your Bar

Good or Bad, everything your guests see at your wedding becomes a part of your decor. Think about designing the environment, not just a tabletop or alter. So today let’s talk about how to elevate your bar.

Glassware when set up properly becomes décor. Tell your venue that you’ll need the following glasses for your wedding:

· Champagne flute or coupe

· Martini glass

· Wine glasses (can be one white, one red)

· High Ball

· Double Old Fashion

No AP Glasses — that means All-Purpose Glasses! It’s your wedding so each drink should be paired with the right glass! That’s part of the experience of a great cocktail.

All the glasses should be lined up neatly, tallest glass lined up closest to the bartender, and shortest to guests. And if you have lighting, pin spot the top of the bar so the glassware reflects the light for a great effect.