Why the creativity blog (was started).

The Creativity blog was started because of the believe that being creative, in the widest sense of the word (creativity), is very important for existence.

Or in other words, anything that isn't creative is either dying, or already dead. Also, the more creative someone or something is, the more alive he, she or it is considered to be.

When people speak of death, most think it must have been about something that was living (biological). We tend to give words the meaning of what we fear (being dead) or desire (being alive) the most, even if the word has multiple meanings.

Just like with the word snake. Most will think of the reptile. Few will think of a garden snake to water plants. And plumbers will think of a long, flexible wire for clearing obstacles in piping.

So what is meant by dead depends on the point of view.

Here are some examples where the end of creativity means the “thing” is “dead”:

Biological — Cells keep on repeating creative actions and can form a whole organism. When the creativity of the cells ends, the organism will eventually die. Philosophical
— When a philosophy stops creating interest in our minds, the philosophy will die.

Technological — We invented all kinds of tools to make our lives easier. But when a tool fails to create what it was invented for, we will get rid of it.

When you realize how these examples all interact with each other, you will notice that creativity never ends. The end of one form of creativity can be the start of another form.

Anyone can create other examples like the examples above, or think of new ones like scientific, physical, etc.

The possibilities are endless. Be creative.

Originally published at junglex5.blogspot.nl on March 1, 2015.

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