Mangroves and Alligators Attract Tourists to Airboat Tours in Everglades City

Nature enthusiasts and adventure lovers alike can enjoy exploring the environment through the eco-tourist industry. Some of them throng Everglades City and its airboat tours because of the site’s beautiful mangroves and numerous crocodilians. Airboat tour operators believe their nature excursions are important to raising awareness about local environmental issues and increasing efforts toward environmental protection.

Everglades Mangroves

Mangroves in the Everglades are one of Florida’s genuine native plants. They can survive in saltwater because of their ability to convert it to fresh water. They remove the salt through their leaves and block its absorption at their roots. Florida hosts around 469,000 acres of mangroves that prove essential to the entire ecological health of the southern coastal area. Mangroves trap and transfer various organic and chemical materials, as well as essential nutrients for marine organisms. Read more on this article:

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