Cibe Hariharan, CTO of Jungroo Learning has come up with a new article about Jungroo's Engagement Score. This is a follow up to the previous article he wrote about Jungroo's approach to adaptive learning.

In this article, we will see how Jungroo's engine uses the Engagement Score as a crucial parameter in its algorithms for adaptive learning.

The flow of the current learning system is as follows.

1. The system starts interactions with the student by asking questions.

2. The questions are in an adaptive manner and changes based on each response from the student in an adaptive way.

3. If the system finds that there is a particular concept that the student does not know, then the remedial and learning contents for the concept are shown. …

Jungroo Learning is a B2B SAAS based EdTech start-up that helps educators and organizations understand and chart their student’s journey at a microscopic level through an AI-powered Adaptive Engine.

Jungroo is a GPS for educators and education organizations. Jungroo locates the learner precisely and creates the shortest learning path to mastery for them. Their adaptive platform lets organizations create adaptive content or make their existing contents adaptive.

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This article by our CTO and cofounder Cibe Hariharan talks about the technology behind Jungroo’s adaptive engine and how Jungroo has overcome some of the challenges that the current approaches in adaptive learning faces. …

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