Authentic Movie Theater Experience

At a very Classic Theater in S. Florida

I went to the movie theater and saw a great movie today! I know what you are thinking; saying CONGRATULATIONS! in the most sarcastic voice ever.

Countless times I’ve driven past this same movie theater and said I’ll have to watch a movie there, tonight was that night and I was not disappointed. I saw Elvis and it made me a little sad, but it also took me on a trip down memory lane.

This theater was like no other, my first impression is that it was classic and had a desirable level of authenticity. The second thing I noticed is that it was very empty…now I do not know the financial situation of this establishment nor have any history of it, but I had a great experience and I would like to see this establishment last here for other generations to experience.

Everyone’s experience may differ but walking into this place and watching a movie like Elvis made me feel like I was 7 again. The people that worked there were genuinely nice, the popcorn was great and the seats were comfy and reclined but didn’t have all of the fancy buttons and such for adjustments. Even the restroom had an added personal touch of authenticity and included febreeze!

You just don’t get that sort of experience when you visit chain Movie Theaters nowadays…they all sort of seem the same. This place is an absolute gem I’d say.

I’m not being paid to promote this place, just sharing my experiences. If you are near the Galleria Mall in South Florida check out “Gateway Cinema”. I hope that it takes you on a pleasant trip too, I’ll definitely be returning!

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Positivity is my drug and I am high on life. Helping you live your BEST life at 🥑 🏋️

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Junior Kist

Positivity is my drug and I am high on life. Helping you live your BEST life at 🥑 🏋️