Introducing the Challenger

A challenger is someone who disputes or stands in opposition to something. It could be a movement, or idea, or even simply the current order of things. Whatever the situation, a challenger is willing to think differently and present an opposing point of view.

And that’s my goal in launching this blog.

But this blog isn’t about products. It’s not even necessarily about the networking industry. There is change in almost every corner of our individual lives, and collectively, we are thinking and rethinking the best ways to move forward. Whether it’s blockchain or IoT, immersive social experiences or 5G, or even the way that all of these worlds ultimately collide, there is change everywhere. I want to explore that change, and offer points of view on what could or even should happen. This will take us naturally into technology — both the strategy that underpins it, and also the realities of how this stuff will actually emerge and touch us, as individuals, enterprises, or service providers.

So why post anonymously?

In short, because this isn’t about me. Or Juniper Networks for that matter. To cut through some of the noise that comes with all of the change, we have to speak frankly. We have to be real. I may say things that might be unpopular with readers and with my colleagues, or that go against traditional thinking. But that’s what challengers do. If the thoughts and opinions were mainstream and not at all controversial, I suppose we would have to call this the Incumbent Thinking blog.

I can’t promise that every prediction I make will ultimately come to pass, but I will commit to being forthright and without pretense. I would like to tackle some of the thornier questions affecting our lives and perhaps we can have an honest discussion about more than simply selling infrastructure.

The promise of technology is to take us to a place that is better than where we are today. A place that is more dynamic, more software-oriented, more open, more capable of leveraging new technology, and ultimately more conducive to the rate of change to which we are becoming comfortable. The challenge, if you will, is thinking differently while maintaining a pragmatic view of how to get there. And that is ultimately what this endeavor is about.

The Challenger is a series of posts authored by a member of the Juniper Networks Executive Team. The goal is to challenge existing norms about technology, business and society.