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Not super pleased with this for the Bulls. But I had resigned myself that rebuilding was required. Couple thoughts:

1. Screw you Danny Ainge! You could’ve had Butler and the Bulls could’ve had #3. What are you hoarding all those picks for if not to make a big move on a top 10–15 player?

2. This move is all about the money. Jimmy’s undying love & commitment to Chicago had to do with the fact that if he made one more All NBA Team with the Bulls he was up for the “super max” in his next contract. For those that think the Bulls should’ve just kept him & then re-signed him, consider this (from a KC Johnson Tribune story):

Based on current salary-cap projections, Butler’s so-called “super max” would start at $42 million in 2019–20 and be worth $246.4 million overall. In such a deal, which starts at 35 percent of the salary cap and commands 8 percent raises, Butler would make $57.1 million in the final year of the deal in 2023–24 when he would be 34.

That really hamstrings an organization & the moves they can make in the future.

I’m OK with moving Jimmy, but we should’ve received a better haul … screw you Danny Ainge!

And as a side note: WTF are the Bulls thinking by selling a 2nd rounder to the Warriors? Now that they’ve moved Butler they don’t need the money; they need young players. That trade makes even less sense than the Butler trade.