Why I’m Returning to My Maiden Name
Emily LaFave Olson

Good for you! My wife kept her last name after a discussion that lasted about 90 seconds. Thinking of her with my last name after her first name, the only thing I could think was “who the hell is that person?” We considered the hyphen and the path you took, but both of our names are uncommon and laden with “s” sounds and syllables that work awkwardly together, making the variations sound like anyone speaking them had a nasty stutter. I wish, for the kids, that we’d have worked something out, but they have my name, and while my wife is fine with it, and we’ve had a lot of fun with phone calls…

“hello, may I speak to Ms. X?”
“she’s not available just now? can I help you?”
“are you Mr. X?”
“Why no, I’m her husband.”

…it’s still patently unfair. And maybe it’s just a little selfish of me, but I sure do hope my daughters keep their names!

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