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Rock on, man! I was born with an orthopedic “defect” that, fortunately for me, was corrected with braces, therapy, and lots of specialized exercise — but I still remember how obvious all that shit was, how uncomfortable it made some people and, though I didn’t recognize it at the time, how uncomfortable it made me with myself. Your challenges remind me that what I had was literally a minor inconvenience, but I had a enough of a taste of it to have a deep admiration for folks like you who bully through like a freight train. Sure, I’m guessing you’re thinking that you played the hand you were dealt, etc, but you’re an inspiration. I sure hope this doesn’t sound patronizing, but work is work, and you’ve done yours — something that’s good for us all to see.

And, to go just a little off-target, that first picture, with the leisure suit, is absolutely badassed. My sister posted a vintage picture of me in a similar suit, and I wish I looked half as cool. See…

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