Let’s unpack the hysteria over Susan Rice and “unmasking”

You are national security adviser to the president. You have evidence that a candidate for president might be working with the Russians. With me so far? Good.

Next: The FBI and the CIA have Russians under surveillance and decide that certain intercepts are important enough to discuss with the White House. You decide to see if there are dots to be connected, so you ask whether the intercepts include conversations with certain Americans working for the candidate in question.

That is normal, because you are national security adviser and the information impacts national security. All of that seems reasonable.

Of course, the right-wing media is jumping to the conclusions. The theory, apparently, is that putting the Russians under surveillance was an idea hatched by the White House and its true purpose was to collect information about Trump -- information that was then passed to the Clinton campaign. Such a plot would require a conspiracy involving the CIA,, the NSA, the FBI and the FISA Court, all cooperating with Susan Rice to help Hillary Clinton.

That is not at all reasonable. That sounds nuts.

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