Nov 28, 2019

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Jur Launches the Chinese Community!

We intend to include everyone, and that means focusing on some tough-to-crack markets as well. That’s why we recently stepped up our educational efforts in places like Brazil and Korea.

Now we are tackling the grand-daddy of them all: China.

China’s growing interest in blockchain is an important indicator for the entire industry

With a staggering market for businesses and a positive new approach to blockchain, we believe there is a huge need for smart contracts and dispute resolution services that are automated and low-cost thanks to the underlying blockchain technology.

One month ago, we proudly launched the beginning of our Chinese community.

The Jur Goddes of Justice lands in China

We created a WeChat community and Weibo account, and slowly began filling it with translated and original content in Chinese. Some examples included details of our OceanTrip meetup held in Amsterdam, joining the Global Legal Blockchain Consortium, and taking part in major events like Decentralized in Athens, Greece.

Jur’s Weibo Account

It goes without saying that the Chinese market presents its own obstacles, with language and web-browsing habits being the most obvious ones. Since many of them didn’t have access to Twitter and Medium, nor could they completely understand the introductory materials we had already prepared in English, creating an educated community is going to be an ongoing process.

Later in the month we began focusing on the Lab for New Justice, because we believe that our academic partners reinforce our commitment to building things the right way.

Few other projects are concerned with the true impact of their solutions, so it’s a point of pride for the entire Jur team. Sharing news about Jur used as a real use-case scenario in the #blockchain industry at INSPER in Sao Paulo demonstrates our readiness to expand into new regions, something the Chinese community will be interested to see.

The Wechat moments, that are like the Instagram Stories, in full swing!

We believe the next step towards growing a sustainable community in China is to be consistent while remaining cognizant of the cultural, societal, and of course regulatory differences we find in China. With a large number of institutions, law firms, businesses, investors, and legal organizations, we feel that including China is an important part of Jur’s development process.

Did you see the story about the Singapore Meetup on #legaltech already?



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