Jury.Online Demo Platform Guide

There is Jury.Online Demo platform guide — is a playground where everyone will be able to try all functions from investor’s side in testnet with testnet Ethereum. The Playground is available under this link : demo.jury.online and it’s almost the same as the main version on panel.jury.online

First step to get the access to the functions and learn the platform detailed — to sign up in Playground via email, google account or Facebook.

Second step — check your mailbox for a confirmation letter from the system and verify

Third step — Go to https://metamask.io/ — an extension for accessing Ethereum enabled distributed applications. You can install the MetaMask add-on in Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and the new Brave browser.

Step 4:

You should accept the terms of use and then create a new wallet, entering a password or adding the existing one, importing DEN — a password-encrypted storage.

Creating a new one wallet the system gives you 12 words you should save to have an access to the wallet. You can save seed words as a file.

Step 5:

To get your virtual funds to invest you should visit one of the most wide spread testnet Ropsten Faucet http://faucet.ropsten.be:3001/ or any other suggested by Metamask

Step 6:

Choose the Ropsten Testnet Network in Metamask , copy Your Testnet Ethereum Address from Metamask and Enter to the field on Ethereum Robsten Faucet

Step 7:

Update your balance in a couple of minutes. After receiving testnet ETH, visit Jury.Online Playground, go еще the Profile tab and enter the same Robsten Testnet Network Ethereum address to ETH address field and save.