Jury.Online’s mission

‘The times they are a-changin’. Each day we see how the world is changing and moving towards decentralization. Old paradigms are losing their ground for the new ones to come to our daily life. We are eager to bring decentralized solution to decentralized economy revolutionizing the way people make deals. Especially when it comes to the quality, deadline breaches or non-professional performance.

Jury.Online is a platform that delivers escrow service and dispute resolution solutions for the users during all types of deal making.

How to use it

A company requires the translation of their financial statement into Chinese language. The company found a freelance translator they had never worked with before. Parties of the deal conduct a smart contract including the deadline, amount, text and additional requirements to the topic of textvia Jury.Online platform. The counterparty managed to translate the text on time, but one of the chinese partners noticed that there are certain distortions of the meaning that may cause misunderstanding and lead to serious reputation damage of the company. The company then initiates a dispute within Jury.Online platform, so that arbiters proficient in finances and Chinese language could proofread and revise the translation to pass a verdict on whether to pay for work or not. Both parties send necessary documents proving their points to anonymous arbiters via Jury.Online system waiting for their solution. Arbiters pass the verdict in favor of the company and payment is returned to them.

It is one of the thousands of examples where Jury.Online can help and guarantee money back in case of low-quality performance of the contractor.

Jury.Online also creates a number of workplaces for arbiters all around the world creating a unique work as professional arbiter that resolves disputes the one’s experienced in. Jury.online shapes decentralized independent arbiters market. Arbiters provide a price for which they are ready to work, so the counterparties know in advance how much a potential dispute would cost and may accurately estimate their risks.

Anyone can apply for an arbiter within or without a pool to Jury.Online project with background and experience description and get a chance to become a professional arbiter. If you want to be an arbiter subscribe to our project on Jury.Online and wait for extra news.

Terms of Pre-ICO

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Dates: 23 October 2017–3 November 2017

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