13 Reasons Why Your Lead Generation Strategies Don’t Pay Off

Businesses exist because they have something to offer. They fail because they don’t have enough customers.

Lead generation is a broad and very tedious task. However, a business’s life depends on having customers.

If your lead flow is looking bleak, then these are probably the reasons as to why:

1. You don’t know what works

Shooting in the dark and trying 10 different things at once isn’t going to move you forward. Try one or two lead generation strategies at a time and then figure out which, if any, is working. Give the results some time to work themselves out and then dump the tactics that aren’t generating leads.

2. You give up too soon

Don’t try something for a day and then determine if it worked. Sending a direct mail piece once, or making one initial outreach email to 20 or 30 people and not getting a response, does not mean that the tactic won’t work for you.

You might need to refine your message, you need follow ups, etc.

3. You don’t follow-up

“Just checking in” emails don’t count. You need to have a worthwhile follow-up that pulls them closer into your world. Nearly 85% of all our lead generation efforts actually come from follow-up responses, not the initial outreach message.

4. You don’t really know your market

Don’t try to appeal to everyone. By focusing on a specific industry, it doesn’t mean you are closing the door on all other companies.

It just allows you to focus your marketing and your messages to a very specific target. This will help resonate with that audience much than if you try to be everything to everyone.

If you try to appeal to all businesses, then you appeal to no businesses.

5. You don’t have a specific message or offer

A landing page for a specific industry will really lend credibility for your target market. At the same time, it allows you to speak in their terms which helps them resonate with your messaging.

Try and direct your outreach to a landing page that will make sense for your target market. Even better if it is dedicated especially to their vertical.

6. Your outreach is too self promotional

It is almost better for you to give your pitch to someone outside your company and then have them put it in their own words. Use what they say and write as your message.

With LeadFuze for example, we don’t let our customers write their own email sequence. We let them have final approval, but we don’t let them write it because they are going to want to go on and on and on about how great they are.

Your prospects don’t care about how good you are, they care about how you’re going to help them.

7. You’re too long winded

If doing email outreach, keep it to two to four sentences. If you’re calling on leads, don’t be afraid to ask questions and get them engaged.

You should never give prospects hypothetical situations.

“If your company does this, if you wanted to do that…” if you’re asking the right questions and engaging them…you’ll know exactly what and how they do things. You can then tailor your message to THEIR needs, not your rambling sales pitch.

8. You introduce yourself and your company first

Newsflash…your prospects don’t care who you are or even what you do. They care about how you can help them with their problems.

If you’re doing email outreach, don’t even bother introducing yourself. Just get to the point.

9. You have no presence

If you don’t have a presence online or at least within your local community, you are fighting an uphill battle.

Work on establishing credibility for your business before you try focusing heavily on lead generation. Build up some content, speak wherever you can, guest post, offer white papers, etc.

10. You don’t nurture prospects

If you aren’t investing in content creation, then you don’t have anything to nurture your leads. By investing in content, you not only can leverage this on the front end with lead generation, but you can keep top of mind of existing leads in your pipeline.

The beautiful thing with lead nurturing is, you don’t need to keep following up with them if you’re pushing regular content to them.

11. You don’t have a system or process in place to handle leads

Even if you are putting together content, if you don’t have a CRM and/or some other system of managing your leads then you will undoubtedly have qualified leads slip through the cracks.

12. You aren’t doing anything that’s scalable

This means your tactics are making you work, not working for you. Using something like LeadFuze can automate your email outreach.

Having systems in place for like a CRM and lead nurturing allow you to take prospects all the way through your funnel with minimal management on your behalf.

If you have lead generation channels that are working, why are they working? What methods within that process can you automate?

13. No consistency

This is the most important. As I mentioned in the third point above, nearly 85% of all our leads are being generated after the first follow-up message has been sent.

That means only close to 15% of the leads we have generated have come from the initial email outreach. How many times are you following up?


Want more leads? First, make sure you aren’t falling into the traps above. Secondly, focus on a channel that is working and do everything you can to systematize the process so you can put that on auto pilot while you work out your next lead generation strategy.