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Mad Max: Fury Road

So it’s just about summer, and the movie blockbusters have already begun to hit theaters in all their glory. So, I’ve decided to take extended lunches from work to start reviewing the latest tent pole blockbusters. Today’s opening movie, Mad Max: Fury Road. What can I say? Well… Wow… Wow… truly…. Wow. Epic. It’s a feat of a feature film to reach that level of extreme action, but beauty at the same time.

It didn’t need dialogue; one could just turn off the sound and watch the work of art unfold like an Akira Kurasawa film on steroids. At times it felt a bit campy, and some parts were pure horror, while other parts were so over the top I was actually laughing out loud. (Guitar guy-hilarious.) Still, the wacky guitar guy and the mega drummers made some kind of weird sense in that world. It was a tribal kind of effect that one could imagine really happening in a post apocalyptic world. To see the natural flow of craziness move together like a well thought out symphony was something to behold. Director George Miller, at 70 years old, used his long time between Mad Max movies to find the perfect pitch for this latest Mad Max installment.

Unfortunately, misogynists are calling for a boycott of the film because women stand alongside men in equal parts. I imagine they’ll try dropping the audience rating of the movie in some kind of Rotten Tomatoes online civil war. So far though, people are loving this flick like a shiny, new toy. So too bad for the people who boycott it because they’re missing out on a great action movie! A film that will undoubtedly set a new standard for action movies.

I’m betting that people looking to release an action blockbuster are scared poopless that they’ll be compared to this film. I would be! Miller managed to pull off equal parts heart and humanity with amazing pulse pumping action. He used the ebs and flows of storytelling masterfully, so you never felt overly exhausted like you do from so many action movies today. In fact, the movie felt surprisingly grounded. You’re able to take a break and digest all the story that Miller tells with pictures. I love when directors truly understand, “show, don’t tell” in their storytelling. Really, it’s why we watch movies. Plus he really understood the canvas of the big screen, and used it masterfully to have the viewer realize how vastly desolate and desperate the world had become.

When the opening scene lit up the screen, I knew he got it right because it felt like it was lifted straight off of a comic book. Yet, it didn’t make me cringe. It just set the tone for a crazy and mind-bending ride. Miller will undoubtedly be given a giant, flaming truckload of money to make another installment. And when he finishes that next tour de force, I’ll be there on opening day with skull crested bells on to watch it. Till then, check out this installment. It’s an outstanding, expertly crafted spectacle that ya can’t miss. It’s shock and awe and awww at its finest!

I give this 5 out of 5 flaming skulls.

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