A New Baby

I have a new baby!
Even though I’m “fixed”!
After having 4 children…
It was time to add to the mix.
My husband and I agreed-
And the search began…
But it was the look in her eyes
That decided the plan.
So sweet and gentle…
Strong and small-
She has added to our family…
And we are having a ball.
The cats are chased-
And the older boys annoyed…
Too bossy to appreciate-
Yet too cute with her noise.
Nala is her name-
Only 16 weeks old…
Hopefully many years together..
For lots of stories to be told.
Sugar went to Heaven-
And my heart broke while I cried…
But we kept our home open-
And Nala crawled inside.
Thank you to the Dumb Friends League…
For helping animals find their fit.
We are so happy to have Nala…
In our home she was an instant hit!

Nala by JusTee
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