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Dear Retailers,

Please quit screwing up the Holidays!

Oct 3 · 2 min read

Look — its October 2nd, and I am over “Financial Christmas” already. I don’t want to see pumpkins and skeletons on one side of the aisle, and Christmas trees and ornaments on the other. I don’t want Christmas to be just about what we get, or are what we are giving to who we know, and not about the spirit intended. And you know what?? I want Halloween to be left to Halloween. I want to see costumes, ugly makeup, and candy — without being confused. Walmart, Sam’s Club, Lowe’s, Home Depot and Target are just confusing meaning and time - for profit and gain. And do you want to know why it works?? Because people are buying things too damn early. And don’t be fooled by the “sales” and instead be aware of how they screw you as the matching holiday gets closer.

Look — you want to extend the meaning of Christmas?? Have a homeless section with practical items to give to those in serious need. Have an elderly section that allows others to provide for those without active families. Or have a toy section — just for donating — because we all know there are plenty of kids who need joy all year long. Or even better — do a drive to support St. Jude! This would be the right way to extend Christmas. But take down the trees, lights and ornaments… they don’t belong front row and center before Thanksgiving… let alone the skeletons of Halloween.

I went to draw the Halloween holiday — and ended up with a pumpkin with Holly berries and leaves — and eyes already blood shot and tired. Definitely not what Halloween deserves!

Take a stand and put down the pocket book for Christmas — unless it’s to support those in need. Give the retailers a reason to wait — and don’t let their profit be gained. Let’s let Halloween be GREAT again. And of course Christmas too. Its up to us — its up to YOU!

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