Great Clips — You SUCK!

I have had a trivial matter eating away at me. So, I am going to get it out and move on.

I got my hair cut at Great Clips a couple of weeks ago. Just like the last several haircuts I have received at two separate locations — only half of the service was done by the stylist and yet I paid the service in full and tipped the stylist! Why do I keep doing that? Let me explain…

When you walk in the door at Great Clips their limited services are displayed with prices. If you are only getting haircut it says “Haircut AND Blow dry” for $14. For the past two years I cannot remember any stylists drying my hair beyond quickly blowing the clippings off the cape they put around me. I keep paying for a haircut and a blow dry, but all I get is in return is a haircut with wet hair. So why should I pay the full price of the service and provide a tip? I would never pay for other services that way. I would never take my car in for an oil change, it require 4 quarts of oil, and accept them only putting 2 quarts in the car instead. I would never pay for someone to paint my house, and then forgive them neglecting to paint the trim. So why have I allowed this to happen at Great Clips? Because I am an idiot customer — that’s why!

I imagine the company has pressured the stylists to perform haircuts as quickly as possible, and that is contributing to the shift in the performance of service. I offer this explanation not because it deserves an excuse, but because I never get the same stylist but I always get the same service, so shame on the company! Well, I am done. Great Clips has lost my business. This should have happened a long time ago, but it took wet hair on a cold day to seal the deal.

If you are dumb like me — STOP! Don’t pay for something you didn’t receive, and then go back and let them do it again. The service industry is about service. Period! That is what you are paying for and that is what you should get. Now I have the dilemma of finding a new place for my haircuts. Given that I am not one to plan my grooming in advance my choices are limited. I do think I would rather shave my hair off then give Great Clips another dime. I would make an ugly bald chick — so I will figure out something.

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