Personal Happiness Lessons — If Only I had learned earlier.

1. Be true to yourself…
But not about yourself.

2. Love with your heart-
Lead with your mind in kind.

3. Appreciate why you have what you have-
You will learn so little is because of just you.

4. Spend what you have today-
Not what you make tomorrow.

5. Marry with a commitment-
Fight like you want to keep it.

6. Grow up when you are an adult-
Appreciate your childhood.

7. Be a parent to your child-
They cannot afford you to be their friend.

8. Follow and build a relationship with God-
Not a preaching or antagonizing people.

9. To free your soul-
You must forgive the sinner.

10. Appreciate NOW-
It is the only time that matters.

And finally….
11. You are the only watchman of your ego-
Never abandon the role.

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