Dreams: 101

My dream begins with me walking slowly towards the alcohol that is presented on the table. I have no memory of this house; yet I move around the space as if it were my second home. I tilt my cup filled with Hennessy, covering my eyes. When I lower the cup from my eyes line almost the warm, smooth taste of liquor almost returned to the cup from where it came. It was her, only it wasn’t. It was a girl, rather, all the girls whom spoke of me as their man. Features from every last girl I every loved, or believed to. Hair from the first, nails from the second, eyes from the third. Like a jigsaw puzzle my heart pieced together before me something new.

I take a gulp from my cup, as if to inhale a spirit of confidence, and proceed over in her direction. But before I can make my move, she disappears into a sea of suitors. Lost in the rhythm of the beat. Embroiled in the arms of the men vying for attention. I’ve been replaced. I stand there looking helplessly for any signs. A head nod, a wink, a smile? No. Nothing hurts more then feeling as if the one you’ve loved can no longer see you. With the liquid cougar still inside me soul, I walk over,take her by the arm,and walk out of the house. Down the block we go passing house after house, yard after yard, until we can talk.

I stood there looking at her with a mix of emotions. As if I were looking into something that I created. I go into the cliche of “it was all my fault”, and “I’m a different person now”, but she knows all the moves by now. She proceeds to walk away, I begin to chase her but I’m blocked from her path. A dog appears, causing me to stand there and watch what I want walk away.


I simply interpret my dream as one of lost opportunity. I see something that I used to have and do a poor job at executing it. When I see a challenge I won’t go out and get what I want. If I fail once, it will just stop me. I think my brain used a dog for a reason. I remember one of my high school teaching having the same dog in my dream. From what I understand, they don’t really like doing anything. If I wanted to avoid the dog, I could have. Dreams will say tell you more about yourself then you know.