Red’s Hot Sauce

Who holds the title as the “Put that shit on everything” king.

Back in 2006 a Nappy Boy, singing with a noise box, reminding fans of Cher’s song Love after Love, was the hottest thing going in rap. Tallahassee Pain, or T-Pain for short, collected multiple hits for most of the early to mid 2000’s. As documented on his 2012 “Behind the Music” episode, the Konvict muzik artist ran the rap game as hip-hop’s right hand man. Chris Brown, Kanye West, and Flo Rida have their biggest hits from working with T-Pain. Where would the Snapchat God DJ Khaled with out the help of T-Pain. T-pain was the first Red’s Hot Sauce.

From T-pain the torch was pass over to Atlanta superstar Future; who became DJ Khaled new baby and took the world by storm. Future not only blessed Khaled with fire emoji hooks, but also artist such as Gucci Man, Drake, and the Weekend. The Red’s Hot King, is not a crown that can pass to someone who just has a good feature. Rather to an individual who has shown the ability to be the driving force of various hit songs consistently. Some worthy candidates have made strides this year to be crowned as the new king.

Travis Scott

Age: 25

Record Label: Good Music/Grand Hustle

DJ Khaled Song: “On Everything”

Travis Scott has made waves since back in his mixtape days, but his use as a featured artist is one to be recognized. Working with artist such as French Montana, The Migos, and SZA. But where Travis shines is with his work with mentor and label mate Kanye West. Mr. West has given Travis Scott the keys to the kingdom when it comes to music. From production quality to his rhyme on a beat, Travis maximizes his talents when he’s matched up with another artist. Even on songs such as Champions with multiple artists used as features, it is the Houston native who is able to carry the song and lift it to it’s peak. He was even able to give Diddy some love on his last project.


Age: 26

Record Label: Quality Control Music

DJ Khaled Song: I’m the One

The flossed out member of the Migos is one of the best artist in the game on his own. So getting him as feature on a project is almost a must for any mainstream artist. He blessed Post Malone with a verse on his Congratulations record, the biggest hit for Post since White Iverson. He’s the stand out on the 2 Chainz record, Good Drank, along side Gucci Mane. When Meek Mill was working on his rehabilitation tour with the release of his “DC4” mixtape, he taped Quavo for the record The Difference. Quavo and Meek Mill do what they do best on a record. Stunt. Quavo seems to always know when and where to come into a song. He either gives a fire hook, or finishes the song up like he’s catching a loop pass from Chris Paul.

Tory Lanez

Age: 24

Record Label: Interscope

DJ Khaled Song: N/A

Mr. Lanez has made his imprint as someone you want on your tape. Meek Mill has two of his best songs in Lord Knows and Litty with the assist from young Tory. When he’s not doing hooks for Meek, he’s working with Chris Brown on the G-Easy song Drifting, talking about the hardships of a relationship that is falling apart. Lanez doesn’t have that elusive DJ Khaled feature like the others on this list; however, he still has the clout to be a candidate for the crown.

The Weekend

Age: 27

Record Label: Republic Records

DJ Khaled Song: N/A

Abel Tesfaye has bless the mic with his vocals for a long time now. What is special about what the Weekend provides is when he bless lesser known artist with a verse to help jump start their career. With his new artist Nav, Tesfaye blend his sound with Nav to provide the standout track Some Way for Nav’s self titled album. Belly really came to light with the song Might Not when The Weekend used his smooth tones to weave the song together.

Swag Lee

Age: 24

Record Label: Ear Drummers

DJ Khaled Song: N/A

Half of the Mississippi duo known as Rae Sremmurd, Swag Lee vocals have bless radio rotations with No Flex zone and Black Beetles. Anthem that he, and his brother Slim Jimmy, coined to make their name mainstream. Yet the 24-year-old artist has his own moments of greatness away from the trap sound of the south. Lee clearly carried the water on the summertime smash “Unforgettable”, where the only thing memorable about French Montana’s contribution, is that he himself forgot who contributed to the song. His harmonization on Travis Scott’s Nightcrawler was almost flawless. The star studded produced record brings to life the sweet melodies of the rapper when he sings, Someone kill the lights/I brought the party favors, just get piped/All my bitches right/But I want you and you tonight. Other tracks such as 2 Chainz’s “Poor Fool”, and Mike Will-Made-It’s Bar of soap, Lee uses his melodies in order to create a majestic rhythm that the producer slowly nods his head in approval. Swag Lee may not rap on a hook to the caliber of others on this list, but he does what he does well. Which is good enough.

So who’s taking the crown. Though Tory Lanez, The Weekend, and Swag Lee are talented in there own right, they will not make the championship round. The main reasoning is that none have any songs with cultivator of sounds known only as DJ Khaled. His whole career is based off using other artist vocals. This leaves the final two, Travis Scott and Quavo. With the rumor of these two dropping a collaborative album some time soon, this argument seems a bit mute. Though only one can receive the crown. That would go to Quavo. While Travis Scott has the advantage of also being a producer, he doesn’t produce all the tracks that he appears on. On a even playing field Quavo is the better standout artist when he performs along side and artist. Quavo’s ability to not only sing, harmonize, and rap makes him the king of the castle.

Winner: Quavo.