You Up?

With a medical issue holding up a blockbuster deal in the NBA, a singular text will solve the issue.

Sunday’s Game of Thrones season finale left fans moaning for more. Though the wizardry and nudity bestowed upon fans left them with the satisfaction of chaos; the greatest sorcerer spoke prior to the shows seasonal conclusion. The magic occurred via the internet, by the medium known as Twitter. He gave heed to all of the dangers that have arise in the North.

Adrian Wojnarowski — the three-eye-raven of the NBA — reported, the Cleveland Cavaliers are reevaluating their trade with the Boston Celtics due to Isaiah Thomas’ hip injury. Because of this, Cleveland is now looking to receive either Boston guard Jaylen Brown or forward Jason Tatum to complete the trade. Woj appeared on Sunday’s edition of SportCenter, to reiterating that Boston will “resit” sending one of their young prospects due to their transparency with Thomas’ injury.

“Boston believes that it was completely transparent with Cleveland about where Thomas was physically, his rehab,” he said of Thomas’ hip injury. “Cleveland’s version of this is that they didn’t realize how long Thomas could potentially be out this season.”

When Irving first requested for a trade back in July, Cleveland desired a king’s random. A source sent a list to ESPN of the type of player general manager Kolby Altman and Owner Dan Gilbert desired in a trade. Tatum was apart of that list, which calls into question why Cleveland agreed to a deal that didn’t included him.

To solve this, a game of “You Up” has to occur. The game is simple, whoever sends the text first loses. It’s like chicken, but with awkward adolescence who lack social skills. Let’s play.

Celtics’ Conference Room:

Danny Ainge: Shit, how did this happen. I’ve planed this move since we told Brooklyn to “Gimme the loot.”

Brad Stevens: O.k. it’s not as bad as it seems. Time is still on our side. Let us just wait this out and see what Cleveland does first; but we can not — I repeat,Can Not — text them first. It will make us look weak.

Cavaliers’ Conference Room:

Kolby Altman: Dan, this is our chance, we have to strike while the iron is hot. We can ask for even more in this trade now.

Dan Gilbert: You think LeBron respect’s me Kolby?

Altman: Wait what? Dan honestly, I don’t think this is the time for us to discuss this, we might be able to solve our —

Gilbert: Kolby, just answer the question.

Altman: Honestly, it’s not my place to say. Though if I were LeBron, I would think you were a fu — , wait I see three dots.

Celtics’ Conference Room:

Stevens: What are you doing Danny?!

Ainge: Listen we have to get this deal done, there is no way we can deal with the patron saint Thomas, once he comes back to Boston. I mean the guy played a playoff game after his little sister died. And did you know he’s cool with Floyd Mayweather? I don’t want those problems.

Stevens: O.k. Danny lets just talk about this, we can still come out on top on this trade. But I need you to breathe first.

Ainge: *Slowly breathing in an out.*

Stevens: Just focus on what’s they want first, then proceed.

Ainge: They want Tatum, but we can’t just give up on the guy we traded down for, that we wanted with the first pick. Fans would think we’re crazy. Maybe Jaylen Brown could work if we get a pick from Cleveland. A team of Kevin Love, Jaylen Brown, and Micheal Porter Jr, would win 25-games at the most. The idea of having a no shooter on the floor with four other shooters doesn’t sit well with me.

Stevens: Hey Danny,

Ainge: And then the Celtics fans will have to worship me as the Czar, and not that old fart from Indiana.

Stevens: Danny your phone! I can see the dots.

Cavaliers’ Conference Room:

Altman: Listen to me Dan, put the phone down. We are the ones with the power here, I need you to give me the phone.

Gilbert: No! I already got burn when LeBron left us, I am not about to lose this trade. I’m sending the text.

Altman: Dan, we have to think about this. When LeBron goes to Hollywood, we do need to have something to build around outside of a 18-year-old kid, and Kevin Love.

Gilbert: This is all Lebron’s fault, why couldn’t he just make this work out. I’m the one paying for all this. It’s my team he’s playing for.

Altman: No one is arguing with you Dan, but you have to let go of the phone. Remember what happen last time you were upset about LeBron. It didn’t go well for you. Now listen we still can just trade Kyrie somewhere else. We know that Phoenix is interested, and you can never rule out those guys in New York. So Dan please put down the phone.

Gilbert: O.K. I won’t text the Celtics, but I’m calling LeBron and we are dealing with this L.A. thing right now.

Altman: *Deep Sigh*

Celtics Conference Room:

Ainge: Listen if we put Brown in the trade, we can come out the winner. We give Tatum more shots as a rookie. We build more of a relationship with the Kyrie-Tatum dynamic. Also there is a guy in Golden State that could fit our team nicely in about a year.

Cavaliers’ Conference Room:

Gilbert: Damm it, straight to voice mail.

Altman: Yea that’s surprising.

Gilbert: You say something there Kolby?

Altman: Nope, nothing at all. Dan I know this sucks but we have to stay positive. Yes LeBron may hate you, and when he leaves, the city of Cleveland is going to hate you, but I’m telling you it will be fine.

Gilbert: You think LeBron hates me?

Altman: Hey Dan?!

Gilbert: No don’t dodge my question, you really think that cry baby hates me?

Altman: Hey Dan the phone.

Gilbert: I’m so sick and tired of this. I’m not standing for this no more, I’m going to LeBron.


*Message to Cleveland from Boston: You Up?