My Time with The Iron Yard

One month into the three months given at The Iron Yard and i’ve already forgotten what day it was more times than i can count on one hand. The days tend to blend together with a blur of lectures and working with classmates on “homework” in fact i was spending so much time at school that i ended up just bunking with a classmate who lives closer to the school so i can spend more time at the school and study on the weekends also.

To say this has been one of the harder undertakings in my life feels like an understatement but have not regretted taking on this challenge in the least. I’ve worked in Construction, Retail, and even Truck driving trying to get into anything that i felt would help better my life in anyway instead of the constant paycheck to paycheck life i’ve been accustomed to for the past 10 years of my working life. Everything was more or less the same, different scenery and challenges yes but at the end of the day they were just jobs that i hated and stayed with listless. After another day of repetition and wishing for a change i came across an ad for The Iron Yard and on a whim i clicked it and after couple of hours i gave my information to be contacted and now fast forward two months i know more about coding than anything i could’ve tried to teach myself previously.

To know that i would even be able to understand any of this code, let alone be the one that wrote it and just after being at this school for just a couple of weeks is exciting, everyday has been stressful and exhilarating all at once i’m learning something new that is interesting and has so many applications for creativity that i welcome the stress of not understanding and spending hours and hours tinkering with the code until it worked and seeing the process it takes to get my programs running.

No matter how tough it gets though i just know that my future is just a little bit brighter with the knowledge i’m gaining to know something that will not only help me with a career but to also help express my creativity to not be able to draw yet still make something look good, i even have plans on using what i’m learning to build apps that’ll help me maintain parts of my life and fun side projects that i can’t wait to get started on. It has been one month since i’ve been with The Iron Yard and it has been so far the best stress of my life, i have no idea how i’m going to be able to fit anymore information into my brain in the next two months but i’m still excited to go through this experience.

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