JUSPOST.COM is the World Real Estate Network.

What more can a real estate professional ask for then to connect to an international network of real estate related professionals and prospects?

JUSPOST.COM took 3.5 years to architect and create. Now, it has been positioned to advance the online real estate world, and with it, the human race.

Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Loopnet, Realtors.com and CCIM among many others are deemed insufficient when stacked up against JUSPOST.COM. In fact, they’ve only contributed to segmenting the real estate industry by alienating and distorting the marketplace.


Imagine, a real estate world on a new dedicated network that provided all of the functionality, yet more simplicity and convenience then all of the other networks combined. Just imagine the possibilities of intercontinental opportunities flying in your inbox while promoting and managing your own content at little to no cost.

No more need to to waste valuable time searching for prospects or marketing exclusive listings on “multiple” platforms. No more need to throw money away on MLS Providers and Real Estate Associations who have contributed to alienating our industry. Drop what your doing, make some serious noise and support The World Real Estate Network to help reshape our colossal real estate industry.

Go Real Estate, Go Global or Go Home!

There is an early round about for those that are interested in joining the new network through linkedin community groups at https://www.linkedin.com/groups/13524511.

The World Real Estate Network will open to the general public on July 20th, 2017. If you are a real estate professional or related industry professional, put the date in your calendar, book mark it and share this page. JUSPOST.COM is here to help, not to compete with you.

For press, sponsorship and endorsement opportunities contact a.jennings@juspost.com