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The World Real Estate Network

JUSPOST.COM is an American Networking Company which aims to reshape the international real estate industry by helping professionals and property listings come together under one network — in real time.

“Real estate professionals need a World Multiple Listing Service Provider,” said Haxhi Rugova, the 32-year-old Founder and Executive Chairman of JUSPOST.COM. “Our industry dying to connect because it’s currently scattered across multiple platforms. We’re simply cutting through the noise by adopting a simpler approach to network.”

With a decade of commercial property ownership and management experience, Haxhi Rugova, an Albanian-American millennial, hopes to reshape a prehistoric industry around convenience and competitiveness like never before witnessed in the world of real estate.

“Everyone in our industry from service professionals to listing providers want to be noticed. We’re now able to present that opportunity through JUSPOST.COM” said Mr. Rugova. The vision took three years to create and was built on core values and principles that inspire global collaborations with international communities and brands around the world.

The network also aims to allure governments and institutions to its marketplace. The ambitious entrepreneur hopes that the network will not only connect the international real estate industry, but that it will also help direct the world in promoting smarter and sustainable cities for the future.

The network is open to commercial, industrial, agricultural, residential and recreational sectors of the international real estate industry complex. Related-real estate industry professionals and property listings from around the world are welcome to join.

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