Smart CRE Executives are joining JUSPOST

Finding the right network to partner with in the real estate industry is not only frustrating, but overwhelmingly disappointing.

Lets Talk Big: The world real estate industry as an organization is “alienated.” Finding a valued network that helps centralizes our massive industry and exclusively reward its users with new opportunities, was unimaginable, until now.

JUSPOST.COM aka The World Real Estate Network: Awards influential companies for promoting and supporting its central network. Relationship building is key among respected professionals who transact in larger than normal deals. Larger companies (employers & employees) have begun crossing over to JUSPOST.COM and inviting their contacts to help create the perfect marketplace for a central system or what some have already called it “The World MLS.”

Real Estate Professionals and Executives want a network to call home and be proud of. They want to market and manage their content from one place while retaining their value and staying true to their brand. They want simplicity, without hopscotching on several different platforms. Most company execs have already connected to the networks Linkedin community group (The World Real Estate Network) and are strategically prepping for regional and global expansions.

The World Real Estate Network creates the greatest marketing opportunity that the real estate industry complex has ever seen, with an estimated 28–33 million real estate professional anticipated to join.

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