JUSPOST.COM optimizes the real estate industry

Founder inspired by Steve Jobs.

New York, NY, July 6, 2017 — A new network aiming to connect the International Real Estate Industry will launch its online site Thursday, July 20, 2017.

JUSPOST.COM is an American Networking Company founded by executive chairman Haxhi Rugova. This highly-anticipated online network intends to unite the real estate marketplace and centralize real estate professionals around the world.

JUSPOST.COM will act as a catalyst to bridge and connect all sectors of the industry, including real estate-related professionals, their services and properties. The network took 3 ½ years to create, taking into consideration three critical factors; simplicity, competitiveness and design.

The real estate industry has always been segmented. Real Estate MLS Providers and Associations are not adequate to “integrate” the real estate marketplace. After reviewing more than 5,700 websites, JUSPOST.COM’s internal research team found that there were smaller websites offering similar services, but with major deficiencies.

JUSPOST.COM intends to step into the networking ring with heavyweight giants and create its own niche exclusive to the real estate industry. Brokers, agents, developers, investors, lenders, appraisers, attorneys, architects, engineers and property managers from all sectors of real estate will be invited to join the new network.

JUSPOST.COM will have a significant and immediate impact for the real estate world! Not only will the online network provide users with local and international reach, the UX/UI, competitive pricing and convenience of managing their own contents in real time inadvertently will revolutionize the real estate industry as we know it. JUSPOST.COM will offer similar, yet stealth, network operations to that of Facebook and Linkedin while aiming to reform the most competitive industry on earth.

The network plans to reach 28–33 million real estate related professionals prior to 2018. Users will be offered a one-week free trial with a monthly or yearly membership option plan. For more information, contact April Jennings at a.jennings@juspost.com.