Poverty Sucks

The title says it all…

There are many things you are unable to do when you as broke as I have been, since I lost my job. Heck before I lost several jobs, I was broke. When you live from paycheck to paycheck, or worse if your paycheck don’t even cover the cost of living. It can feel a little like living in slavery, which is what we have in America. A Controlled Capitalistic slavery. Almost a perfect balance of just enough people making it really well for themselves, and people that are struggling just to survive. We know this as a fact. Stop denying it, things has not gone better for America. For a very long time. The rich control the economy. We are supposedly the richest country in the world. So how can we have so many that are struggling? Why no healthcare? No UBI, why so much crime and mass shootings, police killing, police brutality, why are cops so poorly trained? Why is America falling apart so many places?

We have been told this, by Jon Stewart and many others for decades, entertainers give the best overview of news, not because they are the news, because they keep it real. Maybe not always right. But they suddenly question what we have and what we see. And we all saw January 6th. It is NOT rocket science. The system however, is a master piece of broken parts on multiple angles. The point is clear, to gain all this control, you figure out how. With the masses, the poor or those that keep getting poorer. The trick lies in getting them to fight among themselves. To do that, the answer is easy, as well. It always is, when it is given to you, this time by Steve Bannon.

As he said, you make the poor fight among themselves by ruining the system, by attacking from everywhere, at the same time. They are breaking everything for the people, in the name of Greed. The RNC agenda is to get the votes they need, to get the wealth or control they want, so their donors will keep bribing them with crumbs. If they ruin the system for the poor, they will not fight the machine, they will fight themselves. Controlled chaos.

Ask yourself. Why don’t the rich every speak out shout solutions to end mass shootings? 44 veteran suicides every day? Opioid crisis, sex trafficking?

Because they either do it, or don’t care. They have an empire to build. Because in America, the pursuit of the American dollar never ends.

To do this successfully however, you can’t as Steve Bannon said “have only one attack. You attack with everything, all the time, from everywhere.”

Willingly, or unwillingly. At some point it became blatantly obvious what a tremendous shit show American politicians has created. Not just for us, but for the planet. This is what the Pursuit of Happiness in the form of money looks like. The end of the world as we know it. Great song.

So, finally people woke up? Well some. Enough? Maybe, we are hoping right? Well I know it. Win or lose. We won. The youth are watching. And they are not as stubborn or as easily indoctrinated as their parents. Because unlike their parents, they have one thing, we didn’t, our parents couldn’t even dream of it, or predict it.

The youth today have the internet. We know it’s why, the youth will break the chains that bind us to a system that has won so far. Then we got Trump. And suddenly their plan for control and wealth had to move ahead, before that piggy bank closed for good. Like it is with Big Oil. Our Supreme Court sold out their soul and integrity. To disgrace the honor of being a Judge.

Think for yourself a moment, what can be more wrong when a Judge sells out on their principles, for money.

Talking about blood money. The GOP is the new mob, the old South rising, the head of the snake of Capitalism failure of serving the people. Greed is killing us more than Climate Change. It is the cancer that has grown since the rise of Kings.

Instead of controlling people to live in opulence. It is time for the rich to gain a new perspective. How to control Greed.

But their mentality is Surivival of the Fittest, that is the people they lie to and manipulate. Which is easy, if you keep attacking the whole system and make everyone but the richest and those connected, poorer by the year.

They take what they can before it’s too late. Total control cannot be achieved. The youth will fight for their freedom, and they are not as uneducated as their parents. They have the internet. They have their games they play online. Where they actually talk to people. Because it’s incredible how alone you can be in a house full of people. Today in America, too many are alone. Not just America, it’s every country where stress comes at you by the time you wake up, till the time you got to bed. We are not just failing ourself, we are failing Humanity, our world, our planet. We are continuously ignoring the experts because Greed runs the show. It means the few. Those that are worth it. Those that truly deserve it. They make it, because they know how the system works. And that makes them the winners. But when we create a system that reward wealth. We will get to a point where the illusion of wealth is enough to die for. The dream to live the dream. That’s when you get people to fight each other. That’s when talk of Civil War starts rising. Because unlike the North, most of the South and most of the world. Some in the South has never gotten over they didn’t win. They refuse to accept defeat. They are too proud, to arrogant, to wealthy, to accept defeat. We know this, because we see it.

It is incredible what one can learn from the internet. The sad part, too many will not. The system was designed, either by people way smarter than me, or by happenstance. Pride, ignorance, selfishness, vice, you name it. We all have it, on a spectrum. We know it’s true. All these various negative things exist in Humanity. The Seven Deadly Sins are made up for a reason. Someone thought of the worst things they knew about Humanity. I believe only Greed is evil, in that the essence of evil is to cause pain and suffering.
Then a friend pointed out Wrath probably also was. I disagree, now that I have had time to think on it. Wrath is directed, and unless it’s directed at all of Humanity, it’s nothing like Greed, which is, and which never ends.

By design or not. We are at the midst of a battle against Humanity’s greatest evil, Greed. It is everywhere, and it is why the system is winning. There are too many issues to fix. To much noise. The left has a communication problem. Smarter people than me, keep telling us that. David Pakman and his team, Beau of the Fifth Column. None of them believe in an Utopia. But they all believe we could do far better.

We know we can. I written about it, because John Oliver wont stop opening his beak about it. It is hilarious if it wasn’t so mind numbingly sad. And that’s where my story begins. This was when I got the idea for this article. Why, Poverty Sucks.

The system is designed over time to be full of loopholes, cracks, so that corruption can slowly creep up and take place. In between the erosion of Democracy, real progress in America came in moments, like when America send a rocket to the moon. Back in a time when we had a President that believed in America. Then those with the means had him killed.

Because those that don’t really care what people think, they’ll find a way. And when they loose in a war, that take away all they had earned for generations. Well that is an insult, that will not stand. And they remain rich, as they are men of honor. The greatest lies are the ones we tell ourself. The thing is though, we can’t lie to ourself. Deep down, we all know owning people is morally wrong. We don’t even have to go very deep. Yet apparently, in America we do. Because a new form of slavery is more dominant today than ever before. The old slave worker took on a new shape, one controlled through Greed.

But do not conflate Greed with wealth. It is not. Greed lies in how that wealth was gained, at what cost. No one is perfect. No one expect perfection when they think on it. But there is a line for all, and to most, slavery is way past that line. Yet to some, to this day. We have to accept, it is not for all. Sex trafficking is worse than slavery, and we know the rich get away with that.

That’s why we have the highest incarceration in the World. Because we want to punish the poor. Keep them down. Keep them controlled. That is easily achieved through using minorities. The black community today are far more aware of their real roots, that Diamond and Silk will ever be. And no matter the scandals behind BLM, true believers know that it is truth today, as it was when it was created as a slogan. Most blacks listen to the real recording of MLK:

EVERYONE should follow Some More News. You will learn a lot. And if they are not funny to you, there are many others.

My philosophy is simple:

Humanity is the meaning of life, and diversity makes life worth living.

Well one of many, like I am writing many books at the same time. Yeah diversity.

The system is broken many places, and the solution is simple. We have to attack at many places … NO.

You think like an engineer, and attack the biggest problem. You focus on what is making the ship sink. The only way to accomplish that, is by focusing on that one goal. That is called Unity, and we need to Unite, those of us that really want the best for Humanity. Not just for usn our children and friends, but for the world, for the planet. Greed is causing to much pain and suffering. Time to wake up.

Think of all the problems you can think of, then depending on whether or not you believe in scientists, we have the big ones like Climate Change, Racism, War, Poverty, Healthcare, Crime, Violence, Rape, Sex Trafficking, Drugs, Prisons, Mass Shootings and the list goes on and on.

Many Republicans have been raised to believe liberals are the enemy of America, and that the world keep getting worse and worse. They need to wake up and see that the rich ARE getting richer far faster than they themselves are getting poorer.

If you walk out of the last ice age some 12700 years ago, and taking shooting years into account, and safe 50k every day. Until this day, you still wouldn’t be the richest person in the world. The richest according to a corrupt stock market.

Meanwhile the really poor, fight each other, because one party tell them NOT to trust scientists.

Think on it for a minute. It likely will take you that long, considering you are listening to a politician from America telling you not to trust scientists. It is NOT about the party, party politics is a lie that divide us. Just like Religion divide us. Having one Religion or force no Religion is the worst, you get Saudi Arabia or China. Having two parties is only slightly better. But it was only a matter of time, before both sides were easily controlled through Greed. As we have seen, thanks to Trump, some are willing to go really far to get what they want, or keep what they have. Just to stick it to … other Americans. Not the the Russians. Not the Saudi. No, to fellow Americans they are raised to hate. They are told by politicians NOT to listen to the scientists, that Sex traffickers are liberals… really? Do you watch any news that is not Fox News or right wing. Do you watch just some of the middle? oh never mind, if you think scientists are all in on it to scam the poor. Then you will believe anything. Like the Holocaust didn’t happen. Or that the Jews get along so well, that they run the world. Please, have you seen them play basketball? Have you seen Jon Stewart in any sport? No? No one has. He probably have, but still, the point is…

Ghislaine Maxwell made the deal of a life time for being a Sex Trafficker for decades. Now she is protected at a minimum security prison, living a life that is far better than the life of 70% of Americans that live paycheck to paycheck. She lives in safety, because Epstein hanged himself, and there is no black book. Oh wait, that was all wrong. Epstein was killed while Bill Barr was the head of DOJ and Trump was the President and Ghislaine Maxwell made a deal, because that is how the system works. It protects the rich and connected, and punish the poor. We keep believing cultural lies that goes so far back, it originated at the coming of Kings. The rich know, real power comes in who you know. Even Elon Musk, the richest man in the world couldn’t smoke a joint on tv when talking with Joe Rogan. And people can think whatever they want of either. Personally I don’t know Joe Rogan, but I trust Elon Musk enough, and I know, he is not big into people needing to be perfect. The perfection in Humanity is that we are all flawed, because in diversity we find a life worth living. Imagine life without music, songs, art, stories.

My article began when I was doing some work, and I remembered a good quote that I heard from an Officer that was telling a class of something, in some year I can’t remember. And I don’t even know if this was how he said it, but that was what, I got from it.

“Make your bed in the morning. Every morning. No matter how bad your day might go. No matter how much you must face. When at night you go to bed. You know, at least one thing went right that day.”

It was a good idea, just in general. It is nice to go to bed in a well made bed. Like hotel nice.

But it is sad to think, it’s a measure for having to go out into a world, that from the sound of it, makes one rather want to stay in bed.
Because the system work. Even for those that do it right, work hard, takes it, they are still struggling. Yes some make it. Because the system is so corrupt, some use it to succeed, while most fail. Poor salaries, increased cost of living. And once Capitalism fully took over it accelerated, just like the rise in green house gasses has. The rise of corporations made an out of control system for the rich. Japan has somewhat dealt with it. America has not. Greed is driving us to end the world as we know it. (as terrible as harming our ecosystem is, don’t worry the world will survive and animals will come back).

The world will be fine. However if you a realist, pragmatic, thinker or whatever that makes you aware, you know it will be worse to live here than ever before in the recorded history of Humanity.

We have way too many issues. And the way forward is to unite. Focus on Universal Healthcare, and work on the thousands of other cuts our Democracy has taken. Like Biden is doing with his administration multiple attacks on the system. It is brilliant, but futile if we don’t keep winning, and we are not going to keep winning, if we can’t unite on the bigger issues. Make those the talking points on what is going to get done.

Listen to the children, they will tell you what to focus on. Which is why they want to be able to control the internet. I don’t fear they can. They are not smart enough, and they are losing this tug of war, as this generation is already way smarter than our was. Traditional wisdom says that’s bs, but is it? Humanity keep moving forward and the stuff you can find on the internet, a place kids love to go. Where they get influence. Many by grifters and people that bought into what politicians told them, not to trust the scientists. But trust them because they went to college, as business or lawyer or doctor and that is cool, as clearly doctors don’t have to trust science, not if you a free thinker, then you know the system is lying. That kind of “scientist” is ok to listen to, until they are not. It is simple, if they say what the politicians are saying, then they are telling the truth.

Kids however are not as dumb as their parents think, but there are many that grift online. People like Jordan Peterson. So parents; do something really smart for once. Tell you kid to research. Tell them to listen to Beau of the Fifth for 30 days, best detoxin of the mind. Then have a talk of what is really going on, and how they might have been open to be brainwashed. But it’s your kids, and once they know the truth, like what MLK really said. They can’t unlearn it. We forget most things we learn. That’s a sad fact, but the things that made us think, that made us understand things because we thought about them. That sticks. Once we learn something, we can’t unlearn it. We can forget, but if we see it again, we remember. We wont forget. Have that conversation with your kids, and find out, who has been lied to their entire life, the children or the parents.

Facts are simple, we all been lied to before, that is how the system works. There are flaws on the left, and middle and the right these days. Flaws regardless of where , whatever the party, our system is made by and run by humans, so there are flaws. If we listen to people like Elon Musk, there would be fewer, why? Because he thinks like an engineer.

It really does not take a genius to see, that man does not think like most of us. Some perhaps, but not most people we know. We way to often see people that value themselves as a stable genius. But I got to admit, I don’t see any signs on why he is not. Eccentric, right that one I have never heard of about people that are considered geniuses. I mean all of them comes to my mind, Socrates that had no job, Pythagoras that had to bribe parents to let him teach their children. People that have changed the world, every time leaving their mark that echoes in the history books. For wicked or good, often a mix, but always for what changed our history. When Leonardo da Vince left Milan for some other place, he took his most famous painting with him, a real expert can explain like:

I choose the shorter version of this master explaining the genius of just such a man. There is a longer version, and you such of course watch it, link below.¹ I am always blown away of how true geniuses inspire so many, and very often those they inspire are people that think, that want things to change, that wants to create. But we know on this, the system has won. We know that the attention span of most people is in the now. No one that is not inspired by so many as me, would ever read these long rambles of mine. But it is my therapy, and it works. So to me, this is my art. But while I think like Tesla, another genius:

This is a meme of what I believe. It is what people like our true Founder Thomas Paine believed. Benjamin Franklin invited him to US, he wrote Common Sense then the Revolution happened. One of many against Tyranny around the world.

Much like many far left leaning socialist democracies countries that want to end monarchies. End the institution. Not the people. They can keep their own wealth, not the pretend wealth that has been stolen throughout generations. They will still be among the 1% and they are part of why we have this unjust world we got through their Greed. The true Founding Fathers fought that kind of regime that just took what they wanted. Much like what America have been doing for decades throughout the world, trying to control it.

When people immigrated to America, they over time took what they wanted. They took from Indians, who really died mostly to disease like small pox. Many settlers had real relationship with the natives. Most did. Humanity is mostly good. Heck we fought together against a greater evil, they rose to the call of duty. They united and defeated true evil. Naturally many felt pride in such an amazing time of change. Those times inspired many geniuses around the, with ideas on how to chnage the world. It started well, but Greed won for now.

The world is absolutely amazing if only we were allowed to live in it. Most can’t. Because most live paycheck to paycheck, and no matter how much self help and get better, take charge of your life and body experts we have. People that truly know their stuff, eat this, exercise this, think, learn etc. No matter how many good people, that live great lives themselves, and want to lift up more, many more than they already do. People like Arnold Schwarzenegger. Like Melinda French Gates, people I truly admire, for their goodness I do believe is who they want to be. Disregard their mistakes as we all have made mistakes in our life. It is about perspective, and to always remember no one is perfect. Few people can be as idealistic as Thomas Paine, yet he had many allies as the time for change was right. Too many people had grown up in a system they did not like. A system they wanted to change, and in the end, to me, did it the right way. Through the pen. Through their mind of wanting a more perfect union. A thing we today are far from. No matter who you are, who you support, we all know we are divided like never before in America right now. Because the system has worked too well for too long and it broke when Trump was elected. And fake news was hammered through to everyone, that even so called left wing media were seen as what they are. A business. While real journalists, people that have a passion to change the world, they expose the Panama Papers. The system worked, gave us the news. Then went right on to the new scandal, so the majority of people could forget of how important it was².
The system won. The media moved on. The masses got a new Hollywood movie. Things for most people, well people that mattered, enough of them. They were fine. And though many struggled, they got admit, they had it better than those Muslims in Saudi Arabia. Those same people we do business, with. Because that’s another flaw to many is a system they don’t believe in. Another cut. For many. When you are poor. The way we are as humans, become our worst enemy. It raises stress. Our worst enemy, be it through trauma, through constant worry, through the many flaws of the system, despite all the amazing people that are there, that do amazing work. And they are making it, their work has value. It has to us all, the internet is amazing, so is free. Well a lot of it is. Then with restriction, which we do understand because that’s how the system works. We get recognition and we get to live better lives that we all deserve and those that work well they get rewarded. They should. They do bring so much value to the people. They have changed the youth. Their voices should be heard, talents should be recognized and passion rewarded. But we are all human, we all have flaws, it is truly about the sum of all. See the full human, not the one flaw. See they too are a product of the culture, the system, those that came before us, their own free will to do what they want, and think the way they want. We are free. Naturally to a degree, which is something we agree on when we want to live in cities over like 150. We just have to have some structure, some leadership. The place we constantly go wrong, is when those leaders tell us not to read, not to listen to the experts. Because even if they are right sometimes, the fact still remains, no one tell their voters to stay uneducated. What bad has that ever done anyone?
Experience however, that we get. We see the crime, we feel it. We are doing it to ourself. And the system punish us for it. And we know that is right. If you do the crime, you whatever. The point is, we get the logic. But that still does not explain why you want your voters to ignore the experts.
Like why? What should politicians say stupid things like “well you know, they are part of the elite, this is what they want you to believe”.

It is comments like that, I tell Republicans. That is completely missing the point. The point is, why would all of them, in the one field they don’t like, be the evil ones. While they themselves can't shut up about what college degree they have. Yeah, like that’s important when we talking about morality. Besides in America you can just buy one. Yep, still. Sure we saw some be sacrificed. So they have to get more creative, and actually pay for someone smarter or more influential than you to change the system in your favor. Like come on America you can't have it both ways. We can't have a gun culture with our culture. Our culture is a reflection of the system, and the system is very broken. WE got Trump. it is BROKEN. It is sinking. Luckily, now more are seeing that. They are starting to learn. Children have grown up. But now even long time I hate liberals, are listening to Beto O’Rourke, and darn it, the man just makes sense. Then they look at the man that got me banned from Twitter³ and they start to think, why would he tell us not to trust the media? He is not exactly trustworthy, or even likeable. I voted on him before, because he is a Republican.

But we all know why it is so hard to get people to see someone as Ted Cruz despicable. The system works. Sure only the extremes believe silly things like the elitist left is the deep state, they are baby eating Satan worshippers. Everyone know that’s silly. But they all vote Ted, well those of them that even give a shit about voting.

And there are extremists' on the left. of course, we are a product of the system as well. And a really corrupt system, reflect on all the people. I met many that just will not have it. Especially on Elon Musk. But here is a fact I learned on that. Not one of them have researched him. They have heard enough to know what kind of man he is. But I know not one of them is stupid enough to think you can trust the headlines on an article. And think you know the story. They know, headlines are way to often misleading. Of course they are, that’s the system, that’s why algorisms and likes and subscribes and so on matter. Because that is the system, that’s how their creativity is heard. And who can belie the success, we get all this for free. So much amazing content. That come with a tiny price, people got to make money. And I want to pay so many, creators like Brightlife⁴. Fantastic creatively thinking podcaster. Much like one of my favorite follows on Twitter, when I had access³. Josh Strife Hayes, there are so many I wish to support. Had I only money. But the system does a thousands cuts, and we reached a point when people are seeing just how many are suffering on “both” sides. 70% of Americans support Abortion Rights, that’s a 30% cut in the system. When they decided to undo what was done. Finally had been done. And that was not the Democrats. That was the party that tell you not to listen to the experts, and then say look Clarence Thomas is black, and he is a fine example of if you just apply yourself you can be anything. Because this Thomas is such a model of morality and ethics? Please, he is the very definition of Disney villain. So plainly in sight, that it’s the Emperor’s New Cloth, It’s Superman with glasses. Then the message is “how stupid are people”, which is literally the message. The cartoons taught more people to think, than riding bikes did. I am a fan of both, I loved and did both. Into people’s backyards to steal apples. Not because I felt poor in Denmark, even though my mom never worked. The government made you feel, ok. Sure, we knew we were poor for Danish standards. But it is how a better system works. Some struggle, but with opportunities, like paid education, Universal Healthcare. It was not a paradise, there was violent, outrage, because there were naturally flaws. There always has been, because even countries that do far better socially, still haven’t gotten everything right. We all learning. It’s just Europe is going that way, while America was at full steam the other way. The intelligence in the country has dropped, and that aught to make people with a high IQ feel great about themselves. Have never been disappointed in my own results into what I really had a passion for. Well until a few grades in College, which was quite disappointed, reminded me of the grades me and my friend got in French in High School. Like seriously I suck at speaking a foreign language, and my friends will tell me I suck at Danish too, which I do. But we tried, we really went in full hardcore. So imagine the frustration, annoyance, when the teacher who’s name I forgot, because she was unimportant in my education, a bad teacher, than tell children that they have to have seen, are trying at the very least, that they are getting worse. They should take it more seriously. French is after all the language of the sophisticated. I didn’t mind a bad grade until then. And that is how our system works, our culture, is damaged by thousands of small cuts. We judge children in school, we grade them, and to most, that discourage them from learning. That is some deep cuts in the system we want to trust. We have to find and heal all our cuts. We start by actually listening to experts, and one advice that has echoed throughout time “you can’t get a stubborn ass to move” or something like that. The point is, this will take time. But we have to unite, we have to wise up, and hammer through a few points, like we want Universal Healthcare. But mostly we need to reach creators, thinkers, influencers that really want to change the world, that want a good life and want others to have a great life. My core philosophy is so hard for most to have believe in, but I hear them, my faith in it, does not come from my own faith in reading the future. But in reading the people I see as true geniuses, people that change the world for generations. And when you all look at Elon Musk and think about it, do you doubt he will go down in history? There are many that believe the ultimate goal is world domination. Please, start reading, start listening to wise people, and not noisy people that tell you not to listen to experts. That is fact exactly what you do. You listen to Ted Talk, you find documentaries, amazing podcasters, and you find your passion. Then you learn and grow, and you learn one thing, everyone is on this path to what the wise ones as always called it enlightenment. And what better way to reach that, than to listen to people that inspire you. And don’t dish the idea that watching reality shows is all bad, it is clever, a work of genius in many ways, it does show a lot of our culture. But do they inspire you, like listening to or see great art? A movie that truly moved you and touched you. A true friend that would be there for you. Reality. Reality shows are entertainment. And that is great, I love myself some Marvel … when they take it seriously, and give credit to the creators of something so many of us grew up on. Like what happened with Love and Thunder, you hired friends of friends to do whatever, be creative, and we get slapstick comedy?
Sure many loved it, apparently, but that is a deep cut in the system. A total lack of passion for the amount of money they were paid, that was not a work of passion.

No, the worst crime of the system is the stress it bring. like the fourth rider of the apocalypse famine. It drains the people of the will to even wanting to learn, to think. I had given up on a pretty cool thing to do, like making the bed, to just seeing everyone around me not caring about politics. Even among the educated like online gaming, bringing politics is worse than religion to most, it’s like sport is to me.

Clearly I see the problem. I don’t like sport the same way, the vast majority are. But thankfully to me, we don’t yet live a society where that is fine. That however is always the constant battle of tug of war, that always created our discourse, between those that want to give, those that want to take, and those that want to watch it all.

I get creators has to be paid. It’s how the system works. A system I want to change. But change takes time. Learning takes time, and education never ends. We have more to learn than can be learned in a life time. The lesson is, learn what you have a passion for, then it will spread to other things you also love and so on. We have to teach children how to think, and how to find their passion. There should be proudness in engineering work to deal with sewage and pollution and others jobs of great importance for society. But the goal should always be to listen to the experts, and learn how to make and do better for society. For a more perfect union, you need unity, you need people like Bernie Sanders calling for Unions, and less Ted Cruz that tell you not to listen to experts.

Think about it.

I listen to the greatest minds, and know, that despite their personal vice, it the wisdom they shared that mattered and true geniuses had a lot to share, some even wanted to share the world:

Now people are going to say Elon Musk is no Tesla. And I have two things to say about that:

I see Elon Musk as a focal point in business and innovation. I see Trump as a focal point in showing those that know better, just how far we had gone in the corruption in our system. We have known if got generations, we have allowed it. Because deep down, being rich in America was really pretty darn good. It did mean freedom and so many things to experience, alll you need is the time and you can have an amazing time in America. If you are rich, it’s easy to have an amazing life. So the the system win, those that succeed and so happy to. They can now finally buy that watch. They can go to that game, they can get that house, that car. Our society sure knows how to reward success it’s in the system, it’s the YouTube and Google algorithm, try do a search for one of the most amazing geniuses in our world history, try look for Tesla and see how the system works.

I will remain a believer of Humanity, I will be a follower of the mind of the great, of Tesla:

I will never charge for creativity that is used to promote good. I will like Tesla die poor and broke. Such is our system. I know that, and I am happy that people like Elon Musk is not like that. That he use the system to do good, because, it’s the sum of the person that tell me if that person is someone to listen to, like Brightlife. It’s not about perfection, it’s about accepting the flaws, as we are all slave to the system. In the end, bottom line, we understand people have to make a living, in the end logic is integrated in this corrupt system.
But I will remain, spread the knowledge and wisdom of the expert. Let people find the gold that YouTube has to offer. Let the following come based on the worth of the quality of work. Use the spreading of your work as free advertisement. But set the line that whomever use it, does so with respect and not for a personal profit. Well not a personal profit that don’t do your work Justice. When podcasters do videos of other podcasters, those are the ones I like and enjoy the most. It is thoughts and dialogue, it’s where to intelligence is found, it the searching for understanding and the ever ending pursuit of knowledge. That makes us better, so we can make better content, and then make a profit from those intellectual thoughts and the work we then put into the videos and editing and passion. And when done well, it should be rewarded, but the system makes it hard for so many to do that. My faith in humanity lies in content creators, stuck as many are in the system, it is still through their voices that helps people think. And that is something our schools have failed to do.

In the end, the voices of thinkers has always been the ones that changed the world, and with the voices of many, we gain the will of many more. When we learn to do better, and start doing better, we will change the world to be better. But you not going to change a corrupt system by listening to politicians that get people banned on Twitter, on politicians that don’t want to talk about mass shootings, because inflation. Of politicians that tell you, don’t listen to the experts. Politicians like Ted Cruz is what is wrong with the system. People that know better, but don’t care. The will argue with you about that. but honestly they prefer if they don’t have to deal with you, so they silence you. If you have the kind of power some have over Twitter, then you misusing that power, when you tell that platform what to do. And the business fail the citizens, when they abide by those few people. They allow child pornography, and they silence those that annoys them³.

We heard the voice echoing through eternity from the lips of Socrates:

“I cannot teach anybody anything. I can Only make them think

To great minds like Isaac Asimov:

And there I end the problem with poverty, is that we are deprived of this, the endless pursuit to learn. Not because it’s not there for the taking. But because we build a society that knew how humanity works. But adding thousands of flaws to the system, you prevent that form of system to change. There is just too much to change. And denying thinkers, is the best way to prevent progress. The only way to make things better, is by listening to the experts, or you could of course listen to Ted Cruz:

No Ted. Only those that the system has defeated thinks this. Only those that think you care about them, only the blind fools that don’t see the Emperor is wearing no cloths, the denier of science, think Biden is bad for America. His accomplishment will go down in history as a turning point of American politics. But his contribution will takes time. However not as long as people think. People agree on one thing, Ted Cruz is a terrible person, and only people that listen to his advice, are people that has always believed liberals are really the biggest problem in the world. Just look at Clinton. Yes both of them. Because the deflection and blame game makes Ted Cruz any better?

No, only fools that have been defeated or are in support of this broken system think Ted Cruz is worth listening to. Not the experts, but him. The Booger on the lips of society.

But I get it. Poverty sucks. It drains you of thinking or wanting to learn of wanting to do your own research. Heck the stress is so bad, nothing changes, because no one listens and what can you do. You broke and you got enough to think about, like things are only getting worse, look at the inflation. No, look at the system, and fix the system. Listen to the experts and fix what we have allowed to get broken. Vote of politicians that don’t care about people. Vote on people that want Universal Healthcare.



Aspiring writer. Articles and bookd (in the wotks) on my views and philosophy that is based on empathy and wisdom. Knowing that none of us are always right.

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Aspiring writer. Articles and bookd (in the wotks) on my views and philosophy that is based on empathy and wisdom. Knowing that none of us are always right.