First things first

I believe the fright of a blank page is known to many of us. I wish I knew what to put in my first post. But I don’t. Oh, maybe I should start by my story:

Hi! I’m Anastasia, but Ana is ok. I live in Russia but next year I will be moving for my further studies to a different country and, I guess, it frightens me. More than I am actually gonne addmit it. Which is wierd. You probably would wonder why? Let me continue my story then.

I was born in Russia, but I grew up in Europe where I have lived for almost 10 years. Then, for whatever reason, my family and I moved back to Moscow where I have spend almost 10 years as well. As you can see, I shouldn’t be that scared of moving. Why am I then?

I think I will try to figure it out and use this blog to help me and put my general thoughts «on paper».

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