today I will #JustBe BREATH!

It’s All There Is

Sit on purpose. Eat on purpose. Sleep on purose. Be on purpose. Live on purpose. Breathe on purpose.

Your breath is your constant reminder. Your breath is your life. Your breath is your guru, your teacher, your purpose, your God. Breathing is the first act you performed in life, the one bodily function you are fully aware of and can consciously master. Breathing is the last act you will be conscious of when the time to leave your body arrives. Your breath is who you are. It is the ever-present reminder that you are here NOW! You are the child of creation. You are the beloved child of source — curious about life just like your creator is. Your breath is your eternal teacher — God within and God without. Go ahead, breathe on purpose!

Your breath is your spirit. It is your soul. Sit in the absolute bliss of love and love your SELF. Get to know your beautiful self. Give yourself permission to sit in love with yourself. Sit on purpose and love yourself. Love your hair or lack there of. Love your legs. Love your toes and nails, your funky toes, bony wrists and ankles.

Sit and allow yourself to just be. Give yourself permission to just be yourself. Let go, if only for one minute, of the past. Release it and forgive yourself for any past mistakes. Let go of the future, too. Do it now. Give yourself one minute to just be. Just be and love yourself unconditionally. You don’t serve anyone by not being yourself. Your greatest gifts will be realized only when you learn to love yourself. So just be.

Why are you so hesitant to breathe deeply?

Me: Others would know I am breathing; Others would perceive me as weak; Others would know I need something outside of myself.

Love + Light! 180-

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