Letting Go as They Grow: Business and Babies

This past weekend began like many others but with one exception: BOTH of my babies are growing up!

This weekend, my company, JBF Sports launched two exciting team apps for the Toronto Maple Leafs and the Buffalo Bills. It feels as though JBF grew up and went off to school while my oldest daughter fretted about what to wear for her first day of Grade 7.

Both my babies are off to the races. In the startup world, they say that your first start up is like your first born child. With both happening at the same time, I can confirm that it is exactly what it feels like.

Will my child make new friends at school? Will Club Maple Leafs and Bills be welcomed by their loyal fan bases?

It can be argued that they are entirely different, yet both originated from me.

Have I raised her right? Did I make the right decisions to help JBF succeed? Will she grow up too fast? Will JBF Sports grow beyond me?

It’s left me with one conclusion:

We only can do the best with what we are given, in that day, and with what happens.

For me, all I can do now is let go of my babies and see what happens.

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