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In Bombay girls are paid to go to school

1- Lately, the girls sent to school are given a rupee (Indian money) for every day spent in class. It is a way of struggling against the school absenteeism of the girls and their dropping school.

2-A rupee, that is less than two cents of euro, it is not a lot. However, in Bombay, this small coin not only pushes the girls to go to school but also encourages their parents to send them there. The idea comes from the authorities who noticed that every year 12 000 girls left the school system. The town councilor in charge of education, S.S.Shinde, explained in the daily Mumbai mirror that “in addition to this alarming figure, there was also the problem of school absenteeism. It is necessary to struggle against the old prejudice anti-girls”. In many families, parents indeed prefer keeping the girls at home and sending only the boys to school. 3- About 250 000 girls benefit from now on from this program, which represents an annual budget of 70 million rupees (a little more than a million euro) for the administration. The children touch their money at the end of every month in the presence of their parents. “My father does not have a job and my mother is a servant. By earning a rupee a day, my mother insists so that I should go to school”, confesses a schoolgirl to Mumbai mirror. Often, the children live far from their school. This daily rupee is therefore a motivation to attend the class. The fact remains that it is often the teachers who are regularly absent from school because they are badly paid, they have even often a second job to make ends meet.

Originally published at on April 28, 2015.