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Writing Academic English, Fourth Edition, is a comprehensive rhetoric and sentence structure textbook/workbook for high-intermediate to advanced English language learners who are in college or are college bound. The book teaches writing in a straightforward manner, using a step-by-step approach. Clear, relevant models illustrate each step, and varied practices reinforce each lesson. The first part of the book provides a quick review of paragraph writing and summarizing, followed by a chapter that introduces the essay. The second part of the book offers comprehensive chapters on process, cause/effect, comparison/contrast, and argumentative essays. Sentence structure, with special emphasis on subordinated structures, is taught in the third part of the book. Through out the book, models and practices feature general academic topics that are timely and relevant to students living in a rapidly changing world. In addition, readings from current, real-world publications conclude the chapters on different essay forms. Most chapters offer a variety of writing assignments, and each chapter ends with a review of the main teaching points. Appendices explain the writing process; give punctuation rules; show charts of connecting words, transition signals, and editing symbols; and teach students basic research and documentation skills. Self-editing and peer-editing worksheets and model scoring rubrics are also provided. References to the appendices appear within the chapters where students are likely to benefit most from using this material

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Originally published at on February 6, 2015.

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