Before Midnight, Sunrise, Sunset

Before Midnight

Darkness had overcome the sea

The stars were taking their places

Stuck on this deep reverie

Holding on to the fragments of your broken promises

Before Sunrise

It was still gloomy and dark

With the predawn feeling that you would come

So I waited like the moon waiting for the sun

Then the bitter sun came with its rays hurting my eyes

But the funny thing is, Darling I didn’t cry

Before Sunset

I decided to sleep

Tiredness swept over me,

Closed my eyes and began to weep

If only you could return, Take the steps over

Say something different-“Our love is not yet over”

But the wind is silent.

I know from the heart of my heart

As the nightingales sang the song’s saddest part

Our one great Love is a one great lie

So it died along the temporary highs,

Even Before Midnight, Before Sunrise, and Before Sunset…