By Julie Mao

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[Editor’s Note: On October 1, the DC City Council’s Committee on the Judiciary and Public Safety held a hearing on the Sanctuary Values Amendment Act. The proposed permanent legislation would prevent DC agencies, including the DC Jail and Metropolitan Police Department, from collaborating with ICE to facilitate the detention and deportation of immigrants. In October 2019, the DC Council approved a temporary version of the bill. The current Sanctuary Values Amendment Act, if passed, would become a permanent law. Portions of the below statement were made during the hearing.]

Dear Chairperson Allen, Councilmembers, and Staff of the Committee,

My name is Julie Mao. I am the Deputy Director of Just Futures Law, an immigration and civil rights law office based in DC. As an attorney, I’ve represented hundreds of immigrants in deportation proceedings and worked with other localities across the country to end their collaboration with ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement). …


Just Futures Law

Just Futures Law is a women of color led, transformative immigration law project rooted in movement lawyering.

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