How to survive a heatwave… & other waves

Breaking news! We are experiencing a heatwave, incase you missed it. (Or you don’t live in the Uk)

So things are heating up, and not just literally. The past month has been eventful, we’ve had Brexit, Portugal winning the Euros and a failed military coup in Turkey. Now cue mass hysteria over the UK’s warm weather.

Firstly lets talk about heat.

I’m not one for heat myself, so I must side with those who prefer to stay indoors. I would rather be in snow than on a beach (I’m just weird that way). That being said, I think everyone is overreacting a bit. I am currently writing this from Dubai where the temperature is 50°C+!!! London is currently at 32°C and people are panicking. I would kill for it to be 32°C here, heat is not fun as it sounds. At 50°C it is too hot to tan (you burn first), you can’t be outside for longer than 10 minutes (you will die). In fact it is so fucking hot that my glasses fog up when I open the door. After experiencing this place in summer you will agree that 32°C feels like winter.

Secondly, lets talk about waves.

Forget about the heatwave, and think about real waves. The basic nature of a wave is a body of water that starts off small and slowly builds up speed and size until it gets to a point where it is too big and collapses in on itself! Poor wave.

You don’t just find waves in the ocean though. Waves are all round us, the perfect metaphor for our daily lives. Your career is a wave, your relationships are waves. Every time you conceive a new idea or start something new (not matter how small) you are riding new waves.

Your life is an ocean, it is up to you to ride the waves. You need to learn:

  1. which ones will carry you all the way.

2. which ones are at breaking point.

3. which ones have the potential to be massive.

And then of course there are those of you who would be far better off just making your own waves. My advice is to make something big, something grand, beautiful, original then drop it in the ocean. The bigger the splash the bigger the wave. Know when it is big enough to ride, but most importantly know when it is about to crash.

Yes all waves crash. Success in life comes to those brave enough to ride the riskiest waves, and wise enough to know when to get off.

PS: And as for the heatwave, get yourself a bloody ice cream.